Elderly woman hits cones and steamroller after drinking and driving with her child inside

64-year-old Nellie Nelson was charged with driving under the influence with a child when she drove intoxicated through a construction zone, hit several cones, and swerved into a parked steamroller with her 8-year-old child in the car.

Hempopotamus Owner Kim Hussey: Reserves Personal Parking Spot on Public Street w/Cones – Bad Neighbor

Kim Hussey, owner of Hempopotamus on Fatherland, may be selling hemp products and CBD oil legally in her shop, but her actions on her street at home are not of the legal nature. That’s right – Kim Hussey is one of THOSE people who thinks she is so entitled that she blocks off ‘her’ parking spot on a street with public parking so that no one can use it when she’s not parked there – something that is certainly illegal according to Metro. She posted in the East Nashville Facebook…