Woman wakes up to neighbor with a knife in her home and five credit cards missing

20-year-old Aaron Rooks was charged with aggravated burglary and theft of property when his neighbor woke up to find him in her home holding a butcher knife. When he left, she discovered that five of her credit cards were missing.

[HACKED?] Postmates: Customer Data for Sale on the DarkWeb?

Postmates recently relocated a lot of job of their jobs to the Nashville downtown area, as they’ve open up a corporate support office in our great city (with 11 spots still open!). Unfortunately,  we have recently discovered that Postmates Customer data is being advertised for sale on the Darkweb. This includes all account details needed to login ass a customer, and since the majority of customer’s accounts have credit cards attached to them server side, that is all you need to facilitate ordering without knowing or ever seeing the credit…