Tourist Sean Sweeney bashes bouncer in head with beer bottle at Honky Tonk Central

34-year-old Sean Sweeney was upset as security at Honky Tonk Central was closing the 2nd floor late early Friday morning, demanding to know where his lost debit card was. The bouncer advised Sweeney should go back downstairs, where the venue management could assist with a lost car. Sweeny refused to leave the now-closed second floor on his own and was being escorted out by security when he grabbed a glass beer bottle from the bar and struck Samuel Gehrts on the head four times. Sweeney is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Tourist David Gene tosses drink & throws a punch at bouncer; taken to the ground

Sam Gehrts was working security at a downtown bar Thursday when he encountered 32-year-old David Gene, who he says began to curse at him, stating “Fuck You” and walking away. As Gene moved down the steps and onto the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors, he again started a verbal altercation and threw a liquor drink at Gehrts and attempted to provoke him into fighting. After throwing a punch at Gehrts, Gene was taken to the ground and placed in cuffs until MNPD Officers arrived to take him into custody for the assault.