Throuple Trouble: Nathan Dunbar destroys girlfriend’s car with BB gun

29-year-old Nathan Dunbar was seen vandalizing property at a Barella Drive residence on May 25th. Officers spoke with Melissa Jones, Dunbar’s girlfriend, who stated that he had come to her residence and shot at her house with a BB gun. When officers arrived on the scene, they saw Jones’s vehicle in the driveway, and the back window, front passenger window, and front windshield were destroyed. Officers then spoke with Jones and a witness, Devin Buckner, who is also a boyfriend of Jones. They stated they both witnessed Dunbar shooting at Jones’ vehicle as well as grabbing a wooden plank and hitting the front windshield. Officers then received Dunbar’s address from Jones and made contact with him at his residence before placing him in custody. Dunbar then admitted to officers that he did go to Jones’s home and damage her vehicle windows and home. Dunbar was charged with vandalism.

A throuple wasn’t enough for Kaylum Futrell; he cheated with another person & it got wild

21-year-old Kaylum K. Futrell has been in a throuple relationship with both Carisa Murrell and Keyonia Stewart, and on Thursday they were all three at Stewart’s apartment, along with other friends. Someone at the gathering informed the two women that Kaylum just wasn’t satisfied with dating two women at the same time and had been cheating on them with a third, which he confirmed. The two women announced they were ending their relationship with him, and the throuple erupted into an altercation. Kaylum pushed Stewart out of her own apartment; he later stated it was so he wouldn’t hurt her.

A neighbor, Crystal Evans, heard the commotion and announced she was calling police. Kaylum then reportedly opened the door and assaulted Evans and her juvenile children, who were all outside. He then grabbed the branch of a tree and attempted to damage her vehicle, and then turned the branch on Evans, assaulting her with it, striking her in the head. During his arrest, Futrell spat on an officer.