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Jason ‘J Curly’ Speegle was the lead guitarist for Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russell. He’s shared the stage with Dave Mason, Willie Nelson, & many others. However this Christmas season found him in a Nashville Wendy’s on Saturday, where according to a sworn police report, he urinated on himself on 2 different seats, wetting them, after stumbling around and falling off his chair. This was around 3PM on the Saturday before Christmas. He’s wasn’t homeless or panhandling, according to the MNPD, he was just drunk at a Wendy’s in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

MNPD was called to the scene, where they found Jason ‘J Curly’ Speegle to be causing an annoyance inside the Wendy’s, with blood shot eyes, and the odor of alcohol coming from his breath. Officers also observed  a major loss of balance, and deemed him an endangerment to himself, others, as well as property, as he had already urinated on two seats inside the Wendy’s.

Speegle was charged with Public Intoxication, and spent around 8 hours in jail, giving him time to sleep it off, and around midnight charges were dismissed after he was once again sober, as police do with almost all public intox arrests.

This is where most of our stories end – but not today. Jason ‘J Curly’ Speegle wasn’t going down quietly. He took out to social media on his musician/artist page, J. Curly & The Deal, and made threats to the cop that arrested him, along with others that mentioned his arrest.

This would not be the first time that Speegle made threats to others. In 2015 he sent this string of text messages to his ex wife in the middle of the night:

Source: Court Records

Just after 1PM on Monday, Speegle removed all the mentions of this from his musician page, here are the originals before they were deleted:

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