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On Wednesday, 02/07/18, well known ‘booster’ (shoplifter) Sagovia McKenzie got caught in the act. Yet another member of the ‘Exclusive Shopping’ #BoosterClub that is one arrest closer to spending real time in jail.

This week she walked into Victoria’s secret at Opry Mills – and walked out in handcuffs. McKenzie was already out on bail for a pending case. When MNPD received the call for service, Sagovia McKenzie was already in custody of local loss prevention. This time she was caught with $312 in merchandise, with which she walked out of the store with before being apprehended. She was booked, due to having 7 prior failure to appears or be booked.

McKenzie was given a $1500 bond, which she posted via Free at Last, after spending 8 hours in jail overnight. She will appear for this charge on 02/23/18, and has an open pending case with Asia Crawley for which she will appear on 04/04/18.

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