2nd woman charged in assault of Party City employees during theft

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Metro Police arrested Elette Hinton late Saturday for her role in the assault of Party City employees in October, when her and crime partner Jalessa Jennings were caught shoplifting and employees tried to prevent them from leaving.

Metro police say the pair entered the Party City store in Madison on October 2nd, 2018, and selected $120 of merchandise from store shelves. Hinton and Jennings attempted to leave the store without paying for the items when they were confronted by two store employees, who they then assaulted before fleeing the store. They were able to be identified by some personal items dropped during the assault, and a vehicle that one of the suspects had driven to the store, and left behind when they fled the store. Warrants were then issued for their arrest.

Elette Hinton (MNPD)

While her partner in crime, Jalessa Jennings, was arrested in November of 2018, Elette Hinton continued to elude authorities, just as she had done since 2008. Once she was arrested on Saturday, police discovered she hand an outstanding decade old aggravated assault warrant, which alleges she pulled a knife on a woman in 2008 after one tried to run the other off the road with a vehicle.

Jalessa Jennings (MNPD)

Elette Hinton, 36, is charged with two counts assault, and one count of theft for the Party City incident, the same as her charge partner. Hinton is also charged for aggravated assault on the 2008 warrant. She posted an $11,500 bond via 1st Stop Bonding, and is scheduled to appear in court March 1st.

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