Man body-slams woman after he realizes she taped his confession of assaulting her earlier, police say

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Lee Gomila[fb], 28, was arrested and charged with domestic assault after he allegedly body-slammed a woman when he realized she had taped his confession of assaulting her earlier in the night.

Metro Police were alerted to the situation when the female victim came to Central Precinct to make a domestic violence report and obtain an order of protection. She disclosed to officers that she was at Lee Gomila’s Berry Hill apartment when a verbal argument occurred, and Gomila[IG] put his hands on her and pushed her, just before 4 a.m. The victim was then able to secretly record Gomila admit to pushing her. At some point, Gomila realized the victim was able to record him confessing to the assault. She says he then picked her up and body slammed her in the doorway of the apartment as she was attempting to leave.

Lee Gomila (MNPD)

The victim sustained numerous bruises and cuts and bruises to both legs and her right buttocks. She stated she attempted to crawl outside, however Gomila[T] picked her up and took her back inside his apartment. Eventually, he then took her to Centennial Hospital for medical treatment.

Lee F Gomila, 28, is charged with domestic assault, and posted a full cash/credit bond of $2,500 on Thursday.

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