Man charged with stalking ex-girlfriend: Interstate chase, 22 IG/Twitter accounts, 50 emails, 150+ calls…

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23-year-old Derrius Deshotel is free on a $15,000 bond after police say he stalked his ex-girlfriend, used his vehicle to prevent her from exiting the interstate to alert police – and that’s after contacting her from 22 Instagram & Twitter accounts, 150+ phone calls, and 50 emails.

The victim reports she dated Derrius Deshotel (aka Dee Raww) [Facebook] [Instagram] [Twitter] for approximately 5 months prior to breaking up with him in June of 2019. During the two months since the breakup, she has received approximately 50 emails, 157 phone calls, and contact from Derrius on 22 different Instagram & Twitter accounts. She has consistently informed him to stop contacting her. She reports Derrius drives around her neighborhood and watches her.

Derrius Deshotel (MNPD)
Derrius Deshotel (MNPD)

On August 19th, the victim says her ex-boyfriend, Derrius Deshotel, was at her residence refusing to leave. He was waiting outside her back door to ‘waiting for her to talk to him’. He stood out there for an hour waiting before she eventually called the police. After she called the police and requested assistance with an order of protection, the victim received an email from Derrius as he fled the property, which read:

“You thought that was gone to solve everything? LMAOOOOO. You ain’t do shit but make it worse. LMAO.  Once it’s up it’s stuck and you just started a war”.

Email from Derrius to victim 08/19/2019
Derrius Deshotel (IG: deeraww__)
Derrius Deshotel (IG: deeraww__)

A warrant for harassment was issued for Derrius Deshotel, but he was not immediately located and served. Between September 13th at 2:00 pm. and September 16th at 5:30 p.m., when officers were alerted, the victim states she has received well over 100 phone calls from Derrius, with multiple associated voicemail messages. He also appeared at her house just before she flagged down officers on the 13th, and after she made him leave her residence when he randomly appeared, she left in her vehicle, looked in her rearview mirror, and realized he was following her in his vehicle. – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

In an effort to escape, she sped up, but he closely followed, near to her rear bumper. The victim was able to exit the interstate onto Spring Street and flag down an officer for assistance. A warrant for harassment and felony reckless endangerment was issued for Derrius Deshotel, but not yet served as he was not located.

On September 19th, the victim got a remote notification from her doorbell camera, and Derrius was at her home. She waited until he left the property before she returned home, and 3 hours later Derrius reappeared at the residence. She got into her vehicle and fled the premises to escape him, however, he closely followed her and she got to a gas station to seek assistance, that’s when Derrius blocked her car into the pump area where she couldn’t get out.

Derrius Deshotel (IG: deeraww__)
Derrius Deshotel (IG: deeraww__)

When police arrived, Derrius told them he wanted to “have a talk” with the victim about his possible outstanding warrants, and that’s why he was chasing her. In addition to the multiple outstanding warrants, officers charged Derrius with stalking for this event. 

After some time she was able to exit the pump area in her vehicle and fled to the interstate, and every time she attempted to take an exit Derrius would block her from doing so with his vehicle. She eventually was able to exit and call 911 as she pulled into a gas station. An ECC call taker reports hearing Derrius at her window telling her to get out of the car and continuously calling her phone while she was on it with 911.

23-year-old Derrius Deshotel was taken into custody and charged with 2 counts of harassment, 1 count of felony reckless endangerment, and 1 count of stalking. He posted a $15,000 bond and was released after the state-mandated 12-hour domestic violence hold.

NOTE: Derrius Deshotel is booked under a misspelling of his last name in MNPD and DCSO systems. He is booked as Derrius DeshoNtel .

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