Felon in car spotted with loose marijuana; search yields 9mm Beretta

26-year-old Samuel Hall was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and felon in possession of a handgun after officers found a grinder in his car as well as a Berreta under his passenger seat.

Car burglar caught again; admits she broke in to look for money

25-year-old Dominique Chapman was charged with burglary after a neighbor reported seeing her go into a vehicle she did not own, then admitted to officers she broke in to look for money.

Memphis men in stolen car lead Metro Nashville Police on high-speed chase

25-year-old Andreotti Cole was charged with evading arrest, as well as theft of property and 23-year-old Derrick Stovall was charged with two counts of evading arrest, theft of property, and possession of cocaine after officers spotted them in a stolen vehicle and found cocaine inside during a search.

Man with gun harasses ex; attempts to hop into back seat of car while she is parked

42-year-old Robert Arnett was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism after he harassed his ex-lover, pulled a gun on her, and hit her car with his multiple times.

Man rumbles with husband, threatens to kill him for dancing on Facebook Live

33-year-old Randarius Hines was charged with aggravated assault after he shoved his husband’s head through a wall, strangled him, and told him “I’m going to kill you” because their fellow churchgoers said that he was dancing on Facebook Live.

Intoxicated woman hurls Amazon Echo through mother’s house

33-year-old Tyeisha Baker was charged with domestic vandalism after she showed up at her mother’s residence intoxicated and hurled her brother’s Amazon Echo at a porcelain figure.