DUI: Tyler-Anne Ogg crashes; hides a bottle of Evan Williams in the glovebox

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36-year-old Tyler-Anne Ogg was jailed early in the morning on March 21st for causing an accident on Old Hickory Boulevard. Police were told that one of the drivers seemed to be drunk. Police spoke with the driver of the other vehicle, who told them that Ogg was falling down as she walked before she got into her car. He said he was turning left when Ogg ran a red light and caused the collision.

When police spoke with Ogg, she was sitting in the passenger’s seat. She was unaware of what was happening or that she was in an accident. She asked if anyone had gotten hurt, and the officer told her she was alone in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Ogg reeked of alcohol, spoke slowly, and her eyes were watery. She admitted to having something to drink but didn’t respond when she was asked how much she had to drink. She took a long time trying to find her license and asked the officer to hold a deck of cards while looking. She found her license, and as she was looking for proof of car insurance, she opened the glove box, and an officer saw a mostly consumed bottle of Evan Williams Bourbon.

When she realized what was in the glove box, she shut it, but the officer said, “I already saw it,” and asked her to keep looking for the insurance. She refused sobriety tests and also refused to get out of her vehicle for quite some time. When she finally got out, she could barely walk and asked the officer if he would hold her hand; he had to hold on to her arm to keep her from falling.

Tyler-Anne Ogg (MNPD)
Tyler-Anne Ogg (MNPD)

Tyler-Anne Ogg of Hwy 70 S in Nashville, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on March 22nd, charged with driving under the influence and an implied consent violation. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $2,000.

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