Sherry Hutchison allegedly hits herself with crowbar repeatedly during argument with son

61-year-old Sherry Hutchison was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 20th. On April 19th, around 11:11 p.m., officers received a call to a Hilltop Lane residence, where they spoke with Charles Hutchison, Sherry’s husband, and their son, Shane Hutchison. Charles told officers that Sherry and Shane were arguing, so he decided to intervene. This was when Sherry started punching and scratching Charles, leaving multiple cuts. Shane corroborated Charles’s statement, telling officers that he and his mother argued over him “being smart” back to her. Shane advised that Sherry hit herself with a crowbar repeatedly before officers arrived. When officers spoke with Sherry, she told them she woke up and asked Shane if he was fixing the floor. Sherry stated this “set him off,” prompting Shane to attack her. She then said that Charles joined in and started to attack her, so she grabbed the crowbar to defend herself. Officers noticed she had a bump on her head before they consulted with a supervisor and deemed Sherry as the primary aggressor. Sherry was then detained for the incident.

Dierra McDougal tells officers she stole drugs to sell them #TalksTooMuch

23-year-old Dierra McDougal was with her boyfriend, who put a gun to an unidentified female’s head near Cross Timbers Drive and Stacey Drive on the afternoon of April 20th. A third party called regarding the incident. Officers arrived and conducted a frisk for a deadly weapon, where they found ammunition and an unmarked bottle containing several pills, later identified as Xanax bars, in the boyfriend’s jacket. Later in the investigation, McDougal admitted to stealing the drugs from “a woman in a house,” adding that she wanted to look up the pills so she could see what they were, to make money off them. She told the officers that the jacket her boyfriend wore was hers, so they detained her, and she was taken into custody for possession of Schedule IV with intent to sell.

Juan Hinojosa Jr. drags wife by her hair during argument in downtown Nashville

40-year-old Juan Antonio Hinojosa Jr. had a domestic incident with his wife, Kimberly Marie Hinojosa, near Peabody Street and Hermitage Avenue in the early hours of April 20th. Officers observed Hinojosa Jr. following his wife, yelling at her on the sidewalk before grabbing her hair from behind and dragging her to the ground. Officers requested assistance and approached the couple. Officers noticed a minor abrasion to Kimberly’s shin and detained Hinojosa Jr., who showed numerous signs of impairment as officers arrested him. Juan Antonio Hinojosa Jr. was taken into custody for public intoxication and domestic assault on April 21st.

Jakylin O’neal attacks husband while he plays video games

24-year-old Jakylin Gabrielle Pauline O’Neal had a domestic altercation with her husband, Darius Marquis Colbert, at their Walton Lane residence in the early hours of April 22nd. Colbert called the police and stated that he and O’Neal argued. He said she entered the room while he played games and swept everything off his desk. Colbert did not know why O’neal was upset, adding that she started yelling at him and hit him. Colbert told officers he was able to push her off him and separate himself, during which he tried to call 911, but she grabbed his phone and hung up, preventing the call from going through. When officers arrived, they noticed Colbert had multiple scratches on his chest and arms, a torn shirt collar, and a swollen eye. Officers deemed O’Neal as the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault and interference with an emergency call.

William Donovan stalks woman, gives flowers to her children

65-year-old William Donovan was taken into custody for stalking. In 2022, Donovan came to Sara Evans’s home twice and brought flowers to give to her children. The first time, she was not there, but the second time, she was and told him she did not want him there. She advised she was afraid of being harmed. Then, on April 21st, 2024, he returned for the third time, so Sara alerted the authorities. When officers arrived, they spoke with Donovan, who stated that he was aware of not being welcome at Sara’s home but continued to do so, adding that he slept in her yard the night prior without her knowing. He was taken into custody for the incident on April 21st.

Freddy Leyva drunkenly threatens to slap police officer in downtown Nashville

36-year-old Freddy Leyva was taken into custody for public intoxication on April 22nd. Late April 21st,  officers were flagged down regarding two “overly intoxicated” individuals near 3rd Avenue North and Commerce Street, one of which was later identified as Leyva. When officers arrived, they noticed he showed signs of impairment and alerted the medics, who transported the other unidentified female for medical evaluation. While waiting for the medical unit, officers asked Leyva what the relationship between him and the unidentified female was, causing Leyva to become aggressive. Leyva then threatened to slap an officer, so officers detained him. When medics arrived, Leyva was deemed a danger to himself and others after refusing all medical services. Leyva was taken into custody for public intoxication.  

Bujar Troni threatens to fight cab driver after supposed traffic infraction

34-year-old Florida Man Bujar Troni was being disorderly in a taxicab around 8 p.m. on April 20th. The driver flagged officers down, advising that Troni kept following him, wanting to fight him because of a traffic infraction that Troni believed he saw. He added that he had hit his taxicab while walking by. Officers observed Troni in the middle of the road, yelling at the taxicab driver, so they told him that he needed to leave and not interact with the driver again. After warning him, Troni disregarded the officer’s commands and continued threatening the driver. Officers then noticed he smelled like alcohol and was having trouble standing up straight. Troni was taken into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.  

Trinity Smith steals from Nordstrom on Abbott Martin Road

20-year-old Trinity Alexia Smith tried to steal merchandise from Nordstrom on April 20th. Loss prevention officers at the location alerted the authorities, advising they detained Smith after observing her concealing items and attempting to leave without paying. Officers were provided footage of the incident when they arrived, corroborating loss prevention’s statements. Smith told officers that she saw the item, was interested, and tried to take it. When they asked for her ID, she produced a fake identity, so she was taken into custody for using false identification and theft.

DUI: Alexander Popko drives in wrong direction down Ellington Parkway to get to hotel

30-year-old Alexander Kamilus Popko was driving in the wrong direction near Ellington Parkway and Hart Lane in the early hours of April 21st. When officers arrived, they noticed a truck facing southbound in the northbound lanes on the left shoulder, so they approached it, where they located Popko, who told them he was trying to get to his hotel. He told officers he had consumed alcohol, which they could smell, so they prompted him with sobriety tests. Popko performed poorly, telling them he was too drunk to take the tests. He then refused to provide a chemical sample and was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation.

Kemar Salamon assaults baby-mama during argument over car keys

35-year-old Kemar Salamon had a domestic incident with the mother of his child, Brittany Pridemore, on April 20th. Officers were finishing up a traffic stop when Pridemore flagged them down, advising them that she and Salamon had gotten into a fight over her keys. While talking to her, they noticed visible marks on her face and neck. She told them that the injuries were from Salamon attacking her. Salamon told officers that he and Pridemore argued over the car keys and their child, but he never put his hands on her. After officers noticed the fresh abrasions on her skin, they deemed Salamon the primary aggressor and detained him. Salamon was taken into custody for domestic assault.