Charletta Braden stayed in her apartment after eviction, beat employee with wooden stick when they entered

Bellwood Park Apartments says 43-year-old Charletta Braden was formally evicted from her Pennington Avenue apartment via the proper court process, and a few days later they sent employee Jonathan Haynes to perform a regular maintenance check of the apartment, which should have been vacated. As he knocked on the door and announced himself as he does when entering all units, he received no response. HE then used a master key to open the door, which Charletta Braden swung open from the inside, catching his ring in the key and pulling him inside. Braden had a large wooden stick which she used to swing and hit Haynes in the head, leaving him injured. He retreated to the office until police arrived.

71-year-old Margaret Gilliam attacks East Nashville neighbor with walking cane

71-year-old Margaret Gilliam is free on pre-trial release after she admitted to police that she, indeed, swing her walking cane in an attempt to knock out her neighbor, Victoria Ferris, striking her with the makeshift weapon. Both parties report ongoing issues over the past several weeks, and Ferris says she’s been intimidated and assaulted on multiple prior occasions. A witness, William Looper, was sitting on a bench and observed the apparent unprovoked assault. 

Woman charged after months-long crime spree: Stolen rental car, PPP Fraud, Mexican Restaurant Bawl

A Nashville woman spent the first half of 2021 living it up in the city… and now she’ll have to face the consequences. 23-year-old Kenoshia Smith reportedly provided fraudulent documents to obtain a PPP loan, drove a 2020 Toyota Camry which she rented for a few days and didn’t return for months, and had a food brawl at Los Toritos, where she smashed a chair through a glass cooler door… and it’s only June.

Man screams for help from 2nd story window, as wife assaults him while police outside

From outside the locked door, officers heard yelling, screaming, and the sound of someone being slapped several times. Priya Narula is charged with the domestic assault of her husband.