Kidnapping/Assault: boyfriend says “she likes to fall and scream”; camera shows him dragging her by the hair

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18-year-old Christopher Jimenez is jailed on aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, and prohibited weapon charges, after police say he held his girlfriend in their Antioch home against her will, dragged her back by her hair twice when she escaped, and assaulted her multiple times.

Metro Police responded to an incident on Maggie Drive in Antioch Monday, after a resident called police to say her neighbor was at her home, after being beaten by her boyfriend, who was still beating on the neighbor’s door when police arrived.

The victim told police she and her boyfriend, 18-year-old Christopher Jimenez, were in an argument over a flat tire, when she told him she was calling someone for a ride. This reportedly upset Jimenez, who became ‘very angry’ and told her she was not leaving and blocked the door, keeping her inside. She was in fear, and escaped via the back door of the residence, however Jimenez caught up with her, and dragged her back into the residence by her hair.

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Christopher Jimenez (MNPD)

A short time later, the victim was again able to escape the home, and made it across the street this time, where Jimenez once again caught up with her, dragged her back into the residence, got on top of her, placed his hands around her throat, choking and beating her until she passed out.

Once the victim regained consciousness, she was able to escape a third time, and made it to a neighbor’s house, who let her wait for police to arrive while Jimenez beat on the door.

Police interviewed Jimenez, who reportedly stated he did not assault her, however police were able to obtain images from a neighbor’s security camera that showed the victim running from Jimenez, and Jimenez catching up to her, and dragging her by the hair. When confronted with the new evidence, Jimenez stated “she likes to fall to the ground and scream, I was only attempting to help her up, so she could get her belongings and leave”, which was demonstrably false, as evidenced on the security images.

The victim had visible images to her knees, arms, neck, and face, from being assaulted. Christopher Jimenez was taken into custody, and during a search, brass knuckles were found in the right pocket of his shorts. He remains jailed on an $80,000 bond, charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault/strangulation, and possession of a prohibited weapon.

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