Jatory Johnson tosses statue through front door of lover’s home

33-year-old Jatory Johnson was jailed on Monday for an incident that occurred on March 20th at the home of Ranzy Liverman on Trellis Way. Liverman told police that Johnson was knocking on his door in search of his roommate, Charles Allen, who wasn’t there at the time. Charles and Jatory are in a relationship. When no one answered, she threw a concrete statue at the door, leaving a large hole in the middle of the door. The entire incident was caught on the doorbell camera, and a receipt totaling $2,220.37 for the door replacement was shown to the police.

Danielle Yelloweyes: “I might as well beat her ass for lying” …and she did

26-year-old Danielle Yelloweyes was jailed for assaulting her roommate after police informed her that her girlfriend, Janasia Williams, would be going to jail for a domestic incident that happened moments before. Police had responded to a domestic disturbance between Yelloweyes and her girlfriend, Janasia Williams, initially, but when police advised Yelloweyes that her girlfriend would be going to jail, she became irate and punched her roommate, Niya Frierson. She believed that her girlfriend was going to jail because Niya told officers about the initial domestic disturbance call. As a result, she attacked her in Infront of officers and said, “If I’m going to jail, I’m going for a reason. I might as well beat her ass for lying.”

Janasia Williams punches girlfriend in her face

28-year-old Janasia Williams was jailed Friday morning after allegedly punching her girlfriend, Danielle Yelloweyes, in the face at their home during an argument. Police saw a scratch and blood on Yelloweyes’ face, and two witnesses corroborated the assault. When police tried to arrest Willaims, she resisted, twisting her body and refusing to put her hands in the cuffs. She was eventually taken into custody and charged with domestic assault. Her girlfriend was also jailed after she attacked her roommate, claiming she lied to police about this incident as a witness.

DUI: Stephanie Armitstead was observed traveling at 110 mph in a Kia on I-40

37-year-old Stephanie Armitstead was jailed early Sunday morning after police say she was driving on I-40 at 110 mph in a 70 mph zone while intoxicated in her silver Kia. The officer conducted a traffic stop and observed Armitstead with red, watery eyes. He could smell alcohol coming from her vehicle. She took extensive time looking for her license and was uncooperative when asked to step out of her vehicle. Armitstead admitted to drinking two glasses of wine two hours before driving. She agreed to sobriety tests, on which she began performing poorly, and then refused to continue.

Amanda Loyd charged after biting man in chest, assaulting him

39-year-old Amanda Loyd was jailed after attacking a man in a parking lot on N 7th Street after an argument. Jovante Robinson was very upset when talking to the police; he stated that Loyd was damaging his vehicle and assaulting him. He said they got into an argument about him taking Loyd home. During the argument, Loyd slapped a bottle from his hand, hit him multiple times, and bit him in the chest. A passerby showed video footage of Loyd knocking the bottle from his face and pushing him several times. Police observed Robinson’s ripped shirt and bite marks.

Joshua Johnson was not a winner at Losers Bar in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Joshua Johnson was jailed on Wednesday morning after attempting to fight security guards at Losers bar on 4th Avenue South in downtown Nashville. When officers arrived, security told police that Johnson was asked to leave several times, but he refused and tried to fight them as they escorted him off the property. At this time, security detained Johnson, noting he smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, and had red, watery eyes. Due to the safety of others, Johnson was taken into custody.