Zaire Robinson bites his girlfriend & punches her dog during an argument

Metro Police say 22-year-old Zaire Robinson punched his girlfriend’s dog repeatedly when it tried to protect her after he got physical during an argument. DaShane Hill says she was sitting on a couch when her boyfriend grabbed her by the arms and yelled at her. Her dog began to bark at the boyfriend which “enraged” him, and he then began to punch the dog. As she attempted to shield the dog from the assault, Zaire reportedly grabbed her arm and bit her, leaving a visible human bite mark. Police observed broken glass, broken jewelry, and injured on the victim.

Man charged with assaulting ex-boyfriend with big hard rock, biting his bicep & punching his face: Malcolm Watson

24-year-old Malcolm Watson is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after police say he struck his ex-boyfriend in the head with a rock, leaving a laceration, and then chased him into a vehicle, where he was trying to retreat, and punched him in the face and bit his bicep. Watson claims he was only punching back from an earlier assault, and that he was the actual victim.