Cawana Miller charged after slapping her mother at a Greyhound bus station

45-year-old Cawana Miller is charged with assaulting her mother at a Nashville Greyhound bus station. The victim, Rhonda Miller, explained her daughter became upset when the Greyhound staff refused to issue her a refund for an unused ticket, and when she attempted to help explain why and calm her down, Cawana slapped her mother in the face. As police were investigating the situation, Cawana had to be restrained as she continued to fight with her mother, including grabbing and removing the hat she was wearing.

Man exposes himself and strangles woman when she refuses to perform oral sex

26-year-old Isaiah Johnson was charged with indecent exposure and aggravated assault when he exposed himself in front of several witnesses and tried to force the victim to perform oral sex and strangled her when she refused.

Man gets kicked off bus and starts dancing in the street, charged with disorderly conduct

37-year-old Dymitrick McDonald was charged with disorderly conduct after he was kicked off a Greyhound bus and then blocked traffic by dancing in the middle of a busy street.

MNPD makes pettiest of petty drug arrest for ‘facilitation’ of a drug sale

Mark Stevens didn’t have any cocaine, but Metro Nashville Police charged him with a felony when an undercover detective approached him downtown and asked if he had “any powder?”, and Stevens said “no” but told the undercover where he could find some on another street.