Thomas Colton Benefield urinates on hot dog vendor from rooftop of Jason Aldean’s

22-year-old Thomas Benefield was cited for assault and public indecency on July 14th. Police arrived at Jason Aldean’s Bar after being flagged down by Ali Ahmed and the security at the venue. Ali Ahmed stated that he was operating his hot dog cart on the street below when a stank liquid from above splashed his face and body. He stated that when he looked up, he saw Thomas urinating from the rooftop bar with his member still in his hand. Security stated they also observed Thomas urinating and threw him out of the bar. Ali was able to identify Thomas. When police spoke to Thomas, he admitted to urinating but stated, “There is no way that it reached him.” Ali said that he wanted to press charges. Thomas was booked on the citation on August 21st.

Anthony Wade pulls down pants & makes it rain on patrons at Jason Aldean’s Bar, per report

Bouncers say 23-year-old Anthony Kevin Wade was at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar late Friday night when he pulled down his pants and urinated on multiple patrons. Metro Nasvhille Police arrived, and Wade was swaying and repeating his statements in an obvious state of extreme intoxication. He was given an opportunity to get a ride back to his hotel or home, and he refused all assistance, including calling a friend to retrieve him. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication. Patrons were not charged extra for the golden shower.

Man charged after smashing girlfriend’s head into dashboard, firing shots into air — Javonte Crisp

24-year-old Javonte Crisp, who only weeks ago graduated from APSU with his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, is now free on a $15,000 bond, accused of repeatedly slamming his girlfriend’s head into the dashboard and steering wheel of a car after getting upset with her, and further expressing his anger by firing a handgun into the air.