DUI Crash: Robert Baugh “pleads the fifth” when asked how much he had to drink after midtown show

28-year-old Robert Baugh says he was coming from a show in midtown, where he had been drinking, when he swerved to pass a vehicle in East Nashville, impacted a wall, and spun around. Multiple witnesses came to his immediate aid to find him unresponsive. As police and medics arrived he became alert and when asked how much had had to drink, he stated: “I plead the fifth”. He thought he was on I-40 and was unable to stand without swaying. Inside the vehicle, officers located an empty bottle of Hennessy, and a nearly empty bottle of Jim Beam Whiskey.

DUI: Man blows 0.22 BAC with White Claw cans & Jim Beam bottle in car — Alexander Hargis arrested

Less than a month after his 21st birthday, Alexander Hargis faces a DUI charge after officers stopped him for an issue with his front headlight. Upon approaching the vehicle, empty cans of White Claw and an open bottle of Jim Beam were immediately noticed. Hargis agreed to a breathalyzer and blew a 0.22 BAC. He is free on pre-trial release.