Wilfredo Lebron bites brother’s thigh & bicep, squeezes his genitals during latest argument

In the continued dispute between two brothers, 41-year-old Wilfredo Lebron is now on the other end of the situation and finds himself jailed – the same place his brother, Justin Lebron, was in just days ago. In today’s incident, Wilfredo came into the Sohano apartment and began to argue with Justin, lunging toward him twice, then biting him once on the left bicep and again on the left thigh. Justin says his brother then squeezed his b*lls and ripped a necklace from his neck.

Justin Lebron charged in assault of brother & making threats about his genitals and his throat

Wilfredo Lebron, Jr. got into an argument with his brother, 39-year-old Justin Lebron, at the Love’s Truck Stop on Trinity Lane, where their father was also present. Wilfredo says Justin made accusations that Wilfredo had been sexually assaulted in prison and punched and strangled him, with injuries documented by police. A few hours later, Wilfredo was at the Family Safety Center to complete information about the earlier incident. While there, Justin played a recording of a Facetime call where Justin continued to make threats that included cutting off his genitals and shoving them down his throat and further threatened to end Wilfredo’s life via some very explicit methods. Justin was charged with harassment and aggravated assault/strangulation.