Aron Capps punches baby-mama in face, tells her “I just jaw-checked you!”

24-year-old Aron Capps was involved in a domestic altercation with the mother of his child, Krissha Yah, on November 20th. Yah states she and Capps were arguing. The argument escalated when he hit her in the face three times, telling her, “I just jaw-checked you!” Then, Capps began to strangle her, but she was able to grab a knife and “poke” him with it before he left the scene. Capps was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Braxton Chassagne caught trespassing in construction area with minor

25-year-old Braxton Chassagne jumped the construction fence off 21st Avenue S next to Central Garage with juvenile Clyde Beatty in the late hours of November 19th. Vanderbilt University Police Department communications dispatched officers and, as they arrived, observed Chassagne and Beatty climbing up the construction crane tower. Officers ordered the two to climb down and identified them when they were safely on the ground. There are signs on the construction fence stating to keep out, so Chassagne was taken into custody for criminal trespassing.

Felicia Carbin threatens roommate with knife, tells her “I’m going to kill y’all or I am going to kill me!”

54-year-old Felicia Carbin was arguing with her roommate, Angela Robinson, about food in the fridge during the early hours of Sunday evening. Robinson confronted Carbin about possibly taking her food out of the refrigerator, leading to the argument. Carbin then went to the kitchen, grabbed a medium-sized butcher knife, faced Robinson, and said, “I’m going to kill y’all, or I am going to kill me!” Robinson told officers that she felt that the statement was targeted toward her and was scared for her life.

Carbin told officers Robinson went into her room without permission, which sparked the argument. She also said Robinson was upset that someone took her food out without her knowledge, which led to Robinson pushing her, causing her to fall. Carbin felt as though she needed a form of self-protection, so she grabbed a knife. She told officers that she had not made any threatening statements toward her.

Officers spoke with a witness, Ms Mccord, who was the homeowner, and she told officers that the argument was about Robinson’s food being removed from the fridge. She also corroborated that Carbin did go to the kitchen for a butter knife and did say, “I’m going to kill y’all, or I am going to kill me!” Due to her statement being almost identical to Robinson’s, officers determined that Carbin was the primary aggressor. Carbin was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault- deadly weapon int/kn.

DUI: Jorge Melgar found stumbling around vehicle

24-year-old Jorge Melgar was jailed on November 19th after police observed a truck parked on an embankment in the area of Clarksville Pike and Buena Vista. Melgar was in the parking lot, swaying and stumbling around behind the vehicle. Officers could smell alcohol on Melgar’s breath as he admitted that he had been drinking that night and stated that he was on his way home. When officers asked him where his home was, he gave an address that was approximately 20 minutes away but kept telling officers that it was right down the road. Melgar refused to do sobriety tests and was placed into custody. During a pat down, officers discovered a Glock 43 in his front pocket. The gun wasn’t loaded, but there were three rounds in the magazine.

Cameron Riley jailed for trespassing at Harlowe Apartments

20-year-old Cameron Riley was jailed on November 18th after police responded to Harlowe Apartments for a call about a suspicious individual roaming the parking garage. Property management advised officers that Riley was observed on the property multiple times within the past couple of weeks wearing a mask, hoodie, and a backpack. The property also had several vehicle break-ins within those weeks. Police observed Riley in the parking garage, matching the description, and placed him into custody. Riley does not live at the complex or know anyone who does.

Keosha Ferguson attempts to stab ex-girlfriend during dispute

21-year-old Keosha Ferguson was arguing with her ex-girlfriend, Antwameshia Jordan, about their recent breakup during the late hours of Tuesday evening. When Jordan brought up her most recent girlfriend, the argument turned physical. Ferguson went on a rampage, destroying Jordan’s phone and two of her mirrors. Ferguson then diverted her attention to Jordan, hitting her in the face, and then proceeded to grab a blue folding knife and charge at her, threatening to kill her. Ferguson swung the blade at her but missed and stabbed the couch. Jordan got into a struggle to get the knife out of Ferguson’s hand, but Ferguson bit her on her forearm. Officers came to observe the broken mirrors and the injury to Jordan’s arm. Ferguson shortly came back and attempted to gain entry into the apartment but was placed in handcuffs by officers. Ferguson, while being escorted out of the apartment, said that she was going to come back and kill Jordan and admitted to biting her and destroying her items. Ferguson was booked previously for an incident involving assault in November of 2022.

Elvis Melgar drunkenly assaults family members

27-year-old Elvis Melgar was jailed on November 23rd after assaulting his sister on Valley Drive. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Linda Melgar, who stated that her brother came home drunk and aggressive after a fight with his friend and started to destroy things once inside their house. He punched a hole in the wall and threw items around the room, breaking them. Elvis’ friend attempted to calm him down, but once they left, he got aggressive again. This was when he pushed his sister and their mother to the ground. Linda stated that she was not injured but was fearful for her safety after this situation and wished to prosecute. Elvis was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Davis Deloach assaults brother, gives him concussion during argument over Tupperware

23-year-old Davis Deloach was jailed on November 27th after assaulting his brother on 47th Avenue. Officers met with Edith Deloach, who stated that her daughter called her, stating that she received a phone call from her brother, Taylor Deloach, while he and Davis were fighting. Police went inside the home to speak with Taylor, who was lying in his bed because he felt dizzy and believed he had a concussion. He explained that the argument began over Tupperware containers that had ground beef stored in them. According to Taylor, Davis shoved him in the kitchen, and they began to tussle. He said the fight lasted about 20 minutes, finishing in his bedroom. After the fight, Davis cooked and returned to Taylor’s bedroom, where Davis stood outside his room, instigating until he took Taylor’s charger, and they began fighting again. Davis told officers that they both had been drinking. Officers observed injuries to both parties, but Taylor’s injuries were more severe, with bite marks all over his body. Medics did confirm that Taylor did have a concussion as he was shaking and vomiting from the assault. Davis was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Tourist Troy Herriman deemed too drunk for Kid Rock’s bar — public intoxication

39-year-old Troy Francic Herriman was causing a disturbance at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk in the early hours of November 23rd. Herriman was visibly intoxicated as officers approached him, and he advised them he had been drinking but would not specify how much. Security at the bar told officers that Herriman had too much to drink and was not welcome due to his belligerent behavior. Herriman was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Dylon Peek charged with DUI after drinking in downtown Nashville

30-year-old Dylon Peek was involved in a car accident on Main St. on November 25th. As officers arrived, Peek sat in the driver’s seat with the ignition on. They observed an odor of alcohol as Peek advised them he had two beers before leaving Downtown. Peek was visibly intoxicated and refused to take sobriety tests before being taken into custody for driving under the influence.