Man tackles woman to the ground, demanding her child get vaccinated — Thomas Conley arrested

21-year-old Thomas Conley is charged with domestic assault after police say he tackled 19-year-old Bree Shaffer to the ground during an argument over her child getting vaccinated. He reportedly stated “If you’re not going to take (the child) to get the vaccine, I’ll do it myself” and picked up the child. Since isn’t the child’s biological father, she told him she would call the police, and which point he reportedly told her she wasn’t going to call anybody, and eventually tossed her phone off a balcony, preventing her from calling 911. He is free on a $3,500 bond.

Bellevue woman lights husband’s things on fire in grill & texts “have fun taking care of the kids” — Molly Dyer arrested

31-year-old Molly Dyer is charged with vandalism after police responded to multiple calls to the home of her and her husband, Dustin Dyer. Two hours after police left from the initial disturbance call without making any arrests, they had to return to check the welfare of the children at the home, as she began texting her husband (who has also left the home for the night) “have fun taking care of the kids”. Police arrived to find the outside grill in flames, and inside it were some personal belongings of her husband. She is free on a $2,000 bond.

Man wielding ax tells juvenile “I’ll kill you with your own weapon bitch”; per report

38-year-old Douglas Crawley was charged with domestic assault and 3 counts of aggravated assault after his girlfriend said he got angry she didn’t get him cocaine and her children and niece claimed he threatened their lives with an ax.

Carl & Amanda Light Arrested for Child Neglect… “cockroaches and bedbugs covering the walls”

Carl Light & Amanda Light remain jailed this morning on 2 counts each of ‘Child Neglect <8’ & ‘Child Neglect 9-17’. Amanda Light has a $3500 bond, and Carl Light as a $5000 bond. Just before 2AM on Saturday morning, MNPD responded to 622 Rivergate Pkwy (America’s Best Value Inn) in reference to a call for service about possible drug activity. On arrival officers knocked on the door, and a 12 year old boy answered the door. Also inside the room was an 8 year old boy – no parent…