Lauren Goble steals packages off a man’s front porch with her ex-boyfriend #PorchPirate

26-year-old Lauren Goble and Charles Netherton stole Anthony Gertz’s packages from his front porch at his Oakland Street residence on April 8th. Gertz told officers that he had roughly five packages delivered to his house. He said that at 5:01 p.m., a male, later identified as Netherton, approached and knocked on his front door twice. After Gertz ignored the knock, Netherton returned with Goble and took all the packages, valuing $1,020. He then provided officers with surveillance from the front porch. During their investigation, they discovered two Facebook profiles selling Gertz’s items. One belonged to Netherton, and Goble owned the other. Goble was taken into custody for theft of mail on April 22nd.

DUI: Nicholas Riffle tells officers he’s drunk after almost crashing into a police car

28-year-old Nicholas Robert Riffle sped past a vehicle in his Hyundai Santa Fe near Lebanon Pike and Spence Lane around 2 a.m. on April 24th. He continued speeding, traveling in the turning lane through the intersection into oncoming traffic, and almost collided with officers. Officers activated their emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop on Clovernook Drive, where they asked him about his “poor driving,” which is when he admitted to being drunk. Riffle exited his car, stumbling and showing signs of impairment before he consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. After being read implied consent, he agreed to provide a breath sample, which resulted in 0.178 BAC%. Riffle was then taken into custody for driving under the influence and reckless driving.

DUI: Ashley Williford drives while high on weed

38-year-old Ashley Williford drove her silver Honda Pilot without wearing a seatbelt near Fairfield Avenue and Trimble Street on April 23rd. Officers observed this and initiated a traffic stop, where they noticed she showed signs of intoxication. Officers administered sobriety tests, and she performed poorly. Williford was then detained and Mirandized, during which she admitted to smoking marijuana earlier and agreed to provide a blood sample. Williford was transported to Nashville General Hospital and then was taken into custody for driving under the influence.  

Daniel Redd punches brother-in-law multiple times during argument

36-year-old Daniel Redd was involved in an altercation with his brother-in-law, Daniel Picazzo, at his Owendale Drive residence on April 22nd. Officers came into contact with Picazzo, who informed them that while he was arguing with Redd, he got punched in the face. Officers then spoke with Redd, who stated that he hit Picazzo in the face multiple times because he was scared that his wife, Picazzo’s sister, had a gun. Picazzo told officers that his sister never pulled out a gun and that he did not have physical contact with Redd before Redd punched him. This led to officers speaking with Picazzo’s sister, who advised that after Redd punched Picazzo several times, so she pulled out a handgun to stop the assault. Officers observed multiple cuts on Picazzo’s nose, lips, and cheeks. Daniel Redd was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Sean Rivas spends over $40,000 after stealing Vanderbilt Medical Center business credit card

21-year-old Sean Rivas was caught using fraudulent credit card information and making purchases totaling over $40,000. On February 21st, Vanderbilt employee Jerica Reeder reported that someone using her credit card information charged a total of $46,050.00 between February 9th and February 23rd. Reeder stated her business card was issued to her by Vanderbilt Medical Center and was stored in her drawer at work. All fraudulent transactions were done using a “Block” reader device that is normally attached to a cellphone. Officers obtained the user of the credit card via a subpoena sent to Block inc. during their investigation. The information returned one account belonging to Sean Rivas, including Rivas’ telephone number, bank account, TN driver’s license, and a live video/photo of the user. Rivas was an employee of the Vanderbilt cleaning staff and had access to Reeder’s office. Officers determined Rivas to have used Reeder’s card, and he was taken into custody for two counts of credit card fraud on April 22nd.

Derrick Watkins caught stealing Melograno Cocktails at Velocity Warehouse

49-year-old Derrick Watkins was caught stealing two Melograno Cocktails at the Velocity International Group warehouse on April 22nd. When law enforcement arrived, they received camera footage of Watkins leaving the building with the drinks. Officers made contact with Watkins, who was inside his vehicle with the drinks in plain view. Further investigation revealed that Watkins had an outstanding warrant for an incident on December 6th, 2023. The incident occurred at Christ Church with his sexual partner, Desia Clements. A witness stated that they saw a black male push a black female on the ground. Clements stated that she came to Nashville to look for a place to stay because she planned to move. According to Clements, Watkins demanded that he come with her to Nashville. While arguing about going to the gas station, Clements told Watkins she didn’t want him to drive her car. This prompted Watkins to push her to the ground. Derrick Watkins was taken into custody for the outstanding warrant and charged with theft of property and domestic assault.

Ladawn Whylly assaults sister after argument about Wi-Fi password

33-year-old Ladawn Sinead Whylly had a domestic altercation with her sister, Lashawn Donneisha Whylly, at their Doubletree Lane apartment on the afternoon of April 22nd. Lashawn told officers that she and Ladawn argued about the Wi-Fi password before they started fighting due to Ladawn barging into her sister’s room, putting her finger in her face, and hitting her. Ladawn then swung a blow dryer, but Mario Phillips, a witness, stated that he was able to block it with his arm. Ladawn told officers that she barged into Lashawn’s room and antagonized her, adding that she had every intention of hitting her with the blow dryer before it was deflected. Ladawn Whylly was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Prince Huffman violates order of protection by going to work at The Cheesecake Factory

38-year-old Prince Huffman, an employee of The Cheesecake Factory, was caught violating his order of protection on April 6th. Huffman did this by entering his ex-girlfriend, Emma Coakley’s place of work, The Cheesecake Factory. Huffman, who had an order of protection set on him by Coakley, saw her at their place of work. Instead of avoiding her and leaving The Cheesecake Factory, Huffman lingered around for around 25 minutes before being asked to leave by a manager. Huffman had means via a phone application to know when she was working and avoid her using that information. Despite this, Huffman still decided to come while she was working. Prince Huffman was taken into custody and charged with an order of protection violation on April 22nd.

Dayton Unger strangles girlfriend, tells police “whatever she says happened is what happened”

25-year-old Dayton Unger had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Ivy Cook, at his Terry Place residence in the early hours of April 22nd. When officers arrived, Unger walked up to speak with them, holding his hands out, knowing he was about to go to jail. He stated while at the Tequila Cowboy, he and Cook argued because he was upset for “unknown reasons,” adding that he was feeling intoxicated at this point.

Unger said he went to the parking garage, where bystanders calmed him down before he and Cook drove to his house. When they arrived, he advised another argument ensued, where he picked up a chair and hit her windshield, destroying it. Unger admitted to placing his hand around her throat and squeezing for approximately 5 seconds. He said that during this, he let go of her, causing her to fall to the ground. The neighbors observed this and confronted Unger, telling him he would attack him if he continued to assault her.

Officers spoke with Cook, who corroborated Unger’s statements, adding that he could not get inside when they arrived at his house. Then she said they argued, and he went around the back, where she heard a loud noise, which she later discovered was him shattering her windshield with a chair. She said that he pushed her to the ground and strangled her, leaving visible marks. Ring camera footage showed Unger grabbing a chair, but it didn’t capture Unger strangling Cook. He repeatedly told the police that whatever Cook says happened is what happened . She was then transported to Summit Hospital for medical treatment, and Unger was transported to booking.

DUI: Katilyn Taft drives after drinking “5-6 Vegas Bombs” police find loaded Glock 43 in car

31-year-old Katilyn Brooke Taft was arguing with her husband in their vehicle near 7th Avenue and McGavock Street in the early hours of April 22nd. Officers observed this and approached them, noticing she showed multiple signs of inebriation while sitting in the driver’s seat. The officers located a Glock 43 compact handgun in the driver’s side door storage compartment, in plain view, next to Taft. She told them the firearm was hers and provided them with her Alabama concealed handgun permit. She consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and then admitted to having 5-6 “Vegas Bombs” at the bar. Taft agreed to provide a breath sample, resulting in 0.123 BAC%, and then was taken into custody for driving under the influence and weapon possession while under the influence.