DUI: Marco Castro-Imperial crashes into wood line near I-24 East after drinking 7 Michelob Ultras

27-year-old Marco Antonio Castro Imperial drove his blue 2003 Mini Cooper off the roadway, crashing into the wood line near I-24 East at mile marker 38.6 in the early hours of March 23rd. Officers were on a traffic stop when this occurred right behind their patrol car, so they approached and spoke with Castro-Imperial, who was visibly intoxicated. Then, officers noticed seven empty Michelob Ultras on the passenger side floorboard and asked him to exit the vehicle for sobriety tests. Castro-Imperial consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Officers also found a bag of marijuana and discovered that Castro-Imperial did not have a valid driver’s license. He was detained and refused to provide a chemical sample after being informed of implied consent. So, officers obtained a search warrant and transported Castro-Imperial to Saint Thomas Mid-Town for a blood draw. Castro-Imperial was then taken into custody for driving under the influence, driving without a valid license, and simple possession.

Brittiny Lassiter assaults estranged husband after believing he was seeing another woman

37-year-old Brittiny Lee Lassiter had a domestic incident with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Greg Mabry, at his Inglewood Circle South residence on March 20th. On the afternoon of March 22nd, Lassiter called the police regarding the incident. Lassiter stated that on March 20th, she was coming from a meeting when she passed by Mabry’s house and noticed a car, which she believed belonged to a female. Then she explained that they have a parenting agreement where they are not allowed to have significant others around when their kids are present. Lassiter texted Mabry, telling him that she would be there in ten minutes, and when she got there, he let her look around the house. Lassiter then stated that the alleged female was no longer there. She said after she looked around, Mabry tried to physically remove her from his residence, which was not caught on camera, but she started recording the interaction. The footage showed Mabry stopping and then sitting at the table. Lassiter said that their 8-year-old daughter woke up, so she put her back to bed. After this, Mabry tried to remove her from the house again, so she started recording again.

Officers reviewed the video and could not see a lot but were able to make out that she was walking to the front door, where they heard her say she could not believe their marriage had gotten to this point. Mabry was heard telling Lassiter she should not be there tonight and that this was the most extreme thing she had ever done. After this, he said to keep going, and then there was a squeak that sounded like a door opening. This was followed by Mabry telling Lassiter, “Get the fuck out, please.” Then, Lassiter responded, “Stop, do not,” Mabry replied, “Stop what?” Lassiter then said, “Do not talk to me like this.” And Mabry told her, “I do not appreciate this. You left our marriage to sleep with another guy in our bed. Get the fuck out.” After this, a physical altercation is heard, with what sounded like wrestling, followed by Mabry saying, “Stop, stop,” and then Lassiter says, “You want to fucking hit me?” Then, Mabry says, “No, I do not want to hit you. Just leave.” He continued to tell her to stop and leave, and then Mabry could be heard saying, “You just hit me in the face.” The altercation continued, and Mabry repeatedly told Lassiter to leave. The footage ends with Lassiter crying and picking up her phone. She then screams, hits the window, and finally leaves the residence.

Officers then spoke with Mabry, who stated that Lassiter came to the location after finding out a woman was at his house. He says she went to the house, asked why a woman was there, and forced her way inside. Mabry stated that Lassiter searched the home, asking him, “Where is she?” Mabry then tells her that she needs to leave and that the children are asleep. Lassiter told him she didn’t have to leave and began berating Mabry. He stated that their daughter woke up due to the argument, and he allowed Lassiter to put her back to bed. Mabry then corroborates what was heard in the video footage and explains that Lassiter hit him in the face. Mabry showed officers visible scratches and bruising on his nose. Lassiter was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for domestic assault on March 22nd.

Tomalic Reid speeds down I-65 North at 79mph

28-year-old Tomalic Daequawn Reid was speeding on I-65 North on June 17th, 2023. Officers observed him going 79 mph in a 55 mph zone. Officers then conducted a traffic stop and cited Reid for the incident. He failed to pay the fine or appear in court by August 18th, 2023. So, a warrant was issued for Reid’s arrest. Reid was booked on the citation on March 25th.

Joseph Height assaults girlfriend after workers come to fix her fridge late at night

63-year-old Joseph Ellis Height had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Pamela Christine Rollins, at her Bell Road residence on March 27th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Rollins, who stated Height was a friend whom she had been allowing to stay there occasionally. Rollins added that Height had been living with her temporarily for about two months. Rollins stated that at around 10:30 p.m., workers came by to work on her refrigerator. When the workers arrived, Height became infuriated, yelling at them and demanding they leave the property. Rollins said the workers then went to the front porch, but Height continued to be verbally abusive towards her in the living room. Rollins told officers the Height pushed her onto a chair, got on top of her, put both hands around her neck, and began strangling her, impeding her airways. Rollins said that the workers returned inside to get Height off her. Officers spoke with the workers, who stated they saw Height pushing Rollins through the front window and went inside to help her. They did not provide their information or wish to prosecute for the incident. Height told detectives that he was upset that the workers were there late at night. Height stated that Rollins started yelling at him when the workers left, pointing her finger in his face. He added that Rollins suddenly fell onto the chair, all by herself. Height said that he never touched Rollins at any point. Rollins was evaluated by NFD on the scene but refused further evaluation. Officers did not observe any injuries to her neck or face. Height was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Manuel Ochoa Palomo spits in officer’s face during dispute at Southern Hills Hospital

20-year-old Manuel Ochoa Palomo was involved in an altercation with a police officer at Southern Hills Hospital on March 23rd. Officers tried to speak with Palomo because his cousin was also admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound. As they engaged in conversation with him, he started becoming extremely angry. Palomo started to scream and yell derogatory comments at officers. Staff at the hospital warned Palomo that if he did not stop, he would be discharged from the hospital. Palomo responded by saying that “he has never been as drunk as he was now” and calmed down. About a minute later, Palomo became angry again and started yelling. The hospital staff then discharged Palomo and requested that he be removed from the building. Officers escorted Palomo out of the building, where he continued to be disorderly. Since Palomo’s behavior continued, he was taken into custody. Shortly after calming down in the back of the police car, Palomo started kicking the back window. This prompted an officer to try to put hobbles on his feet. While doing so, Palomo spit in the face of Officer McCluskey. Manuel Ochoa Palomo was then transported to booking and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Randy Clayton opens random car doors, steals a single shoe

32-year-old Randy Clayton was taken into custody for vehicle burglary and theft on March 24th.  Rometha Irving and Tussanee Irving called the police regarding a residential burglary they witnessed on Hamilton Crossing Square. When the officers arrived, they spoke with them and advised that Silas Pegue was visiting at the time. When they looked out the window, they noticed a black male in a black jacket with two different colored shoes, later identified as Clayton, trying to open random car doors. Then, Rometha said he tried to open their front door but did not enter. They both said Clayton was inside Pegue’s Chevy Impala and that Pegue had left to chase after him before the officers arrived. The officers met with Pegue near Ezell-Harding Christian School on Bell Road, and he stated he observed Clayton in his Chevy, taking his black Jordan tennis shoes. He added that when he approached Clayton, he was wearing a black jacket and one of his Jordans, valued at $200. Pegue showed them a white tennis shoe he had left behind. While they were questioning him, he told them he had seen Clayton standing on the corner at the intersection of Bell Road and Rice Road. He was detained and, under Miranda, stated that he did not know where he was and that he only remembered officers approaching him. He later mentioned that Pegue yelled at him before they got there. Officers searched him after the arrest and located three phones, one of which was Pegue’s, which he had not informed them about.

Marisa Cobbs headbutts man during drunk argument at Placemakr

33-year-old Marisa Cobbs had a domestic altercation with Clinton Carter at Placemakr on March 23rd. When the officers arrived, they noticed their room was trashed with empty beer and liquor bottles as they spoke with them. Carter told officers that on the night of March 22nd, they had been drinking a lot and had an argument. During the argument, Cobbs became upset and headbutted Carter in the forehead, leaving a bruise in between his eyes. Cobbs was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Richard Byers threatens to blow up Antioch High School

18-year-old Antioch High School student Richard Michael Byers threatened to blow up the school on March 26th. Mr. Kirby, The assistant principal, told officers that he suspected Byers had a bomb. Before officers spoke with Byers, while they were walking through the school, multiple kids in the hallway stated that another kid had said something to the effect of having a bomb or explosives. Mr. Kirby advised that he originally contacted Byers because the Executive Principal, Ms. Burnette, wanted multiple students, of which he was one, to be searched due to excessive lateness. He added that when he spoke with Byers, he said, “I do not have guns; I have bombs.” Mr. Kirby said he tried to ignore him, but then he said, “I am going to blow up the school.” Byers was initially hesitant to go to the SRO office for questioning, but he complied and consented to a search, where they located two THC vape pens. Byers was then detained and Mirandized, under which he admitted to making the statements as a joke. Byers was taken into custody for a false report and threats of violence in school.

Katriona Harmon steals $407 worth of merchandise from Target

49-year-old Katriona Harmon was caught shoplifting at Target on December 9th, 2023. Harmon was seen taking $370.34 worth of merchandise and then leaving. Later, on January 4th, Harmon was seen leaving the same Target, but this time only taking $36.83 worth of merchandise. Katriona Harmon was taken into custody and charged with two counts of theft on March 23rd.

Tyrika Darrough steals $342 worth of merchandise from Nordstrom

28-year-old Tyrika Darrough was booked on a citation on March 20th when she was seen shoplifting at Nordstrom at The Mall at Green Hills on February 21st. When officers arrived, they were met by Nordstrom’s loss prevention officer, Mr. Nguyen, who stated that he witnessed Darrough concealing merchandise in her purse. Nguyen informed officers that when he questioned Darrough, she said that she didn’t take any items from the store. However, Nguyen reached into her bag and retrieved $342 worth of Nordstrom items. Darrough was cited for the incident that day. Darrough was booked on the citation for theft on March 20th.