Florida man Matthew Shinn pulls shirt over bouncer’s head and punches him

33-year-old Florida man Matthew Shinn faces multiple charges after police say he flipped a middle finger to staff at Nudie’s Honky Tonk Friday night before getting into a fight with bouncer Buck Buchanan. After Shinn was asked to leave for his disruptive “rude and obscene” behavior, he chest-bumped Buchanan twice, and after the bouncer fell to the floor, Shinn pulled the victim’s shirt over his head and punched him twice, leaving him with visible injuries.

Kevin Wengard arrested after screaming “obscenities & racial epithets” in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police encountered 24-year-old Kevin Wengard on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Friday night, where they say he was extremely intoxicated and screaming “obscenities and racial epithets” at other people downtown. They say it was clear he would be unable to safely make his way home on his own so he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Sammie Deas charged after whipping boyfriend with phone charger; punching him in face

19-year-old Sammie Deas is charged with the domestic assault of his boyfriend, Jantoine Polk, who witnesses say he whipped with a phone charger and punched in the face. Officers arrived at the Antioch apartment Thursday, where Polk says the argument began as he was letting a friend use Sammie’s phone charger. This upset Sammie, who whipped the victim twice with the cord of the phone charger, leaving multiple injuries to his chest. Sammie then came from behind to strangle him until he was unable to breathe. He then reportedly punched Polk in the face 4-5 times as he attempted to escape the apartment.

Lukas Mansfield films “unflattering video” of lover, refuses to delete it

Kassie Webber says her boyfriend and father of her children, 33-year-old Lukas Mansfield, recorded an “unflattering video” of her while she was ill and she demanded that he erase it from his phone. When he refused an argument escalated and she gathered the children, put them in the vehicle, and prepared to leave. She says Mansfield began banging on the car window and when she unlocked the door he pulled her out and knocked her down onto the concrete driveway. She says he then dragged her by her sweatshirt and hair. Police documented her injuries.