Jon Erickson appears naked and bloody at his mom’s front door, smashes out glass 

45-year-old Jon Ritchie Erickson was extremely intoxicated when he appeared naked at the front door of a Jamestown Park residence where his mother lives. He was making a loud commotion, which caught the attention of his mother, Marianne Marshall. She arrived at the front door to find her son naked on the stoop and bleeding profusely. His injuries appear to be from glass, which he had broken from the panes of the front door panel. He fled the area before police arrived, but officers located him nearby. After EMS treated his wounds, Erickson attempted to flee and tensed his muscles up in an unsuccessful effort to not be arrested. Estimated damage to the home, which is owned by Benjamin Richards, was $500.

DUI: Kierra Dies admits she’s drunk & flips off officer during arrest

19-year-old Kierra Dies flipped off officers before her arrest. Kierra was involved in a collision at exit 204A, where luckily, no one was injured. When the officer arrived, Dies stated, “I’m drunk, and I rear-ended him” She admits to having one beer. The empty beer can was located on the floor of the passenger’s side. Dies smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot watery eyes and slurred speech. She was placed under arrest after performing poorly on all field sobriety tests, but not before flipping off the officer, yelling obscenities, and cursing him out without ever confirming a yes or no to consent to submit a blood sample for testing.

Andrea Soudy charged in assault of her sister

19-year-old Andrea Soudy is charged with the domestic assault of her sister, Alejandra Soudy. Soudy was jailed Monday on the outstanding warrant from October. Her sister arrived at St. Thomas West Hospital for treatment of her injuries from the assault, including a cut on her nose. She told police she was at her residence when she was approached by her sister Andrea as well as her other juvenile sister. She reports the argument was about having to drive to pick up their mother, who they had left at a restaurant. She says both of her sisters punched her and pulled her hair during the argument.

Amanda Parker charged with assault of fiance Reid Westerhoff during trip to Nashville

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to a West Nashville Best Western just before 6 a.m. Saturday after calls came in about a woman screaming. Officers spoke with Amanda Parker, who turned 23-year-old today, who advised she was extremely intoxicated and wasn’t really sure why she was covered in splatter from an alcoholic drink, or why she was arguing with her fiance, Reid Westerhoff. Westerhoff, was presented with visible injuries, explained they had been out at a bar and she came back to the hotel before him, and his later return woke her up. She became upset, swung at him, causing a drink to land on them and all around the room, and left visible marks and scratches on his chest and face. She was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody for domestic assault.