Man, too drunk for Play Dance Bar, attempts to break out patrol car window after arrest

23-year-old Zachary J. Minton is charged with public intoxication, vandalism, and resisting arrest, after Metro Police say he was at Play Dance Bar when he vandalized a stranger’s car, pushing officers who were attempting to arrest him, and eventually attempted to kick the window out of the patrol car several times once inside.

Tennessee Equality Project’s Pride Party: Ticket Prices Doubled if You’re Over 30

Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) proudly states their mission is, in part, to “advance the values of equality and inclusion for LGBT people” in Tennessee. In the past 14 years there’s been nothing to dispute that, until now. Now the non-profit arm of their project, the ‘Tennessee Equality Project Foundation’ is planning an event they’re calling their “First Annual Pink & Purple Pre-Pride Party“, set for June 22. Except this party to celebrate LGBT pride will cost you more than double to attend, if you’re over 30 years old. That’s right,…