Patrick Allen drunkenly strangles wife during Valentine’s Day altercation

24-year-old Patrick Allen had a domestic incident with Kaysha Wilson, his girlfriend, at a Hermitage Park Drive apartment on February 15th. Officers arrived and spoke with Wilson, who advised them that the incident started on the evening of February 14th. Wilson advised that she and Allen had dinner with her family, during which she added a family member to their tab, causing him to become upset and ask why she did that. Wilson told him it was not a big deal and that she would CashApp him $7 for their meal. Then, they went to Lucky’s Bar & Grill on Stewarts Ferry Pike and continued drinking through the night. While at the bar, Allen was irritated and highly intoxicated, accusing Wilson of speaking to other men. Wilson told Allen they should return to the Hermitage Park Drive apartment where they were staying for the night. Wilson told officers she grabbed his phone because he almost left it at the bar. When they arrived at the apartment, Allen started yelling at her, demanding the phone, so Wilson told him it was on the counter and went to the bathroom. Then, Wilson said she was afraid since she had never witnessed Allen behaving like that. So, Wilson locked herself in the restroom, where Allen kicked the door open and held her down while punching her repeatedly. Officers observed the visible injuries she sustained, which were consistent with her statement. Wilson further explained how Allen placed her in a chokehold during the struggle, constricting her airways until she fought him off and left the apartment. Wilson stated another incident occurred later that day, which she reported separately. Wilson was unsure where he could have run off to and then told officers that she wished to prosecute for the attack. Allen was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 21st.

Proctor Teague assaults wife for reading note on office desk

36-year-old Proctor Hayes Teague had a domestic altercation with his wife, Shirine Shafizadeh, at his job on February 14th. Shafizadeh reported the incident, advising officers that she went to drop him some Valentine’s Day gifts while he was working. When Shafizadeh got to his office, she tried to read a note that was on his desk, which caused him to become extremely angry. Teague got in her face and began squeezing her hand while yanking on her arm. Shafizadeh said that Teague refused to let her leave for several minutes, blocking the doorway until she got away to alert the authorities. Officers observed a small bruise on her wrist from the dispute and took a picture for documentation. Teague was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 21st.

Aner Bello assaults wife after too many drinks

35-year-old Aner Bello was booked on February 19th after assaulting his wife at their home on Peaceful Brook Drive. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Gissell and Leandro Caroma, who stated that Mr. Bello was drunk and trying to hit his wife, Marie Angel. Marie told officers that her husband had been cheating with another woman, and she told him she wanted him to leave, which made him upset. According to Gissell and Leandro, they plus their uncle, had to jump on Bello when he became irate and charged toward Marie. They, along with several minor witnesses, stated it seemed as if Bello was going to hit his wife. Police determined that Bello was the primary aggressor and placed him into custody.

David Kozma indicted by Grand Jury for rape of minor

26-year-old David Kozma, a diesel technician for Encore Luxury/ Nitetrain Coach, was indicted by the Davidson County Grand Jury on February 21st after being charged with six counts of aggravated rape. Between August 2022 and April 2023, David Kozma and Logan Shorin engaged in unlawful sexual penetration by force or coercion with a juvenile female (DOB 11/8/2005). David Kozma was taken into custody on February 22nd. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $150,000.

Shorin Logan Indicted by Grand Jury for rape of minor

44-year-old Shorin Logan was indicted by the Davidson County Grand Jury on February 21st after being charged with six counts of aggravated rape and one count of attempted rape between August 2022 and February 2023. Logan Shorin and David Kozma engaged in unlawful sexual penetration by force or coercion with a juvenile female (DOB 11/8/2005). Shorin Logan was taken into custody on February 21st. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $150,000.

John Anders pulls knife on Group Home employee

73-year-old John Anders had an altercation with Jeffrey Stewart, an employee at Group Home Nashville, at the Larkspur Road group home late February 20th. Stewart spoke with officers when they arrived and advised them that Anders had recently been informed that he was being evicted due to his frequent hostility toward other residents. Stewart told officers that Anders entered his bedroom later that night holding a pairing knife, stating he was going to cut him since he was evicting him, and swung the blade toward his throat. Anders held the blade against Stewart’s throat until he wrestled him off and called the authorities.  Anders was then taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Rubi Elsas caught trespassing in Kissam Hall at Vanderbilt University

27-year-old Rubi “Robert” Elsas was sleeping in Kissam Hall at Vanderbilt University on February 18th. Officers arrived and advised Elsas that he was on Vanderbilt Property. Elsas refused to identify himself and was uncooperative during the police investigation. Elsas complained about his stomach, so EMS transported him to the Vanderbilt Emergency Department. Elsas was then medically cleared and discharged to officers. Elsas was taken into custody for criminal trespass.  

Lajames Shannon caught trespassing, starting fire in under-construction house

38-year-old Lajames Shannon was booked on the citation of criminal trespassing on February 8th. On January 9th, officers responded to Cannon Street regarding individuals starting a fire inside a residence that was under construction. When officers arrived, Shannon was with one other person and told officers that he was homeless and cold. Shannon noted that this was why he was in the house without permission. Nashville Fire responded to the scene and extinguished the fire that Shannon had started in the house. After Shannon provided officers with his social security number, he was cited for the incident. Shannon was booked for on the citation on February 15th.

Karen Rose assaults her mother over pain pills

40-year-old Karen Rose had a domestic scuffle with her mother, Sherry Lynn Baggett, at her Blanchard Place residence on February 19th. The neighbor, Teresa Hartman, alerted the authorities and advised them when they arrived that she was standing on her front porch when she witnessed Baggett and Rose yelling at each other. She then saw Rose push Baggett, so she called 911. Baggett told officers that Rose argued with her when she wouldn’t give her any more pain medication. The argument escalated when Rose pushed her away from the door and told her she couldn’t come back. Rose spoke to the officers and admitted to arguing with her mother but denied ever putting her hands on her. She was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Tyler Gunn drunkenly charges at officers arresting his girlfriend

40-year-old Tyler Alexander Gunn was disorderly at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel late February 22nd. Officers were dispatched regarding a domestic disturbance involving Gunn. Officers detained Gunn until they completed their investigation, then advised Gunn that he was free to leave. Gunn left the hotel while officers spoke with his girlfriend about an unrelated matter. When Officers arrested and put Gunn’s girlfriend in the back of their patrol car, Gunn charged at them, yelling aggressively. Officers placed Gunn into handcuffs and noticed he showed multiple signs of intoxication. Gunn was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and public intoxication on February 23rd.