Demar Ballin pushes wife down stairs during argument

37-year-old Demar Ranaldo Ballin had a domestic altercation with his wife, Lamoy Monique Wallace, who was 33 weeks pregnant with their child at the time, at their Sunset Circle residence on the afternoon of May 4th, 2020. NFD transported Wallace to Nashville General Hospital on Albion Street, where she spoke with officers. Wallace advised officers that she and Ballin argued over him not turning down the music on his phone. During the argument, Wallace walked over to Ballin and slapped the phone out of his hand. Then Ballin pushed her down, causing her to hit a dresser, leaving an abrasion on her right forearm. Officers observed the injuries and deemed him as the primary aggressor. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

On the morning of February 26th, 2024, Ballin and Wallace had another domestic dispute at his Hart Lane residence. Wallace spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that she had come to get her W-2 from Ballin. Wallace advised that an argument ensued when she approached the front door. Wallace said that she wanted to step outside to talk, so she grabbed Ballin’s arm, which was when he put his hands around her throat and pushed her down the porch stairs onto the concrete. Officers observed Wallace’s visible injuries, which were consistent with her statement, and then went inside the house to speak with Ballin. Officers were then notified that Ballin had an outstanding warrant. Officers detained and Mirandized Ballin, during which he stated that Wallace tried to get him out of the house and hit him with an extension cord. Then, Ballin admitted to pushing her and was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.

Luis Gonzalez throws wife into wall multiple times during argument

25-year-old Luis Angel Gonzalez Parada had a domestic incident with his wife, Katerin Alexandra Gonzalez Castanon, at their Colo Trail residence on the afternoon of February 26th. Josselin Gonzalez, Luis’s sister, alerted the authorities, advising them that Mr. Gonzalez was being abusive toward Katerin and refused to let her leave their home. When the officers arrived, they discovered Josselin was no longer on the scene. Officers knocked on the door, but nobody answered; this was when they noticed Luis’ mother in a parked car outside the residence. She informed officers that Luis and Katerin were in the house, aware that police had been called. So Luis’ mother went to notify the couple and invited detectives inside, advising that they were in the back bedroom.  Officers observed the bedroom door to be broken and asked to speak with Luis and Katerin separately, which they agreed to. Katerin told officers via language line interpreter that at around 2 p.m., she and Luis argued on the balcony of the house, and when she attempted to go inside, he pushed her to the ground. Katerin demonstrated what Luis did by using a stuffed animal and forcing it to the floor. Katerin said they went to the bedroom to continue their conversation after Luis pushed her. She did not have any visible injuries and refused medical treatment.

Luis spoke with detectives, telling them he had been going through a rough time and that he and Katerin argued on the balcony. Luis said that Katerin tripped and fell while trying to reenter their home. Luis denied the altercation ever becoming physical. Officers called Josselin, who advised them that when the couple argued on the balcony, she heard what she believed to be Katerin falling. Josselin then witnessed Luis throw Katerin against the wall four times while screaming at her. When the couple entered, Josselin saw Luis push Katerin against the wall again. Josselin said she was afraid, so she left and called her mom, telling her to call the police. After speaking to Josselin, officers went to talk to Katerin again, who confirmed that Luis pushed her on the balcony. Katerin added that Luis also locked her in the bedroom until his mother forced it open to free her. Before officers were able to question Luis again, he admitted to throwing Katerin onto the floor. Gonzalez was taken into custody for domestic assault and false imprisonment.

Eduardo Garcia Fuenes booked after passing school bus in Nissan Titan

26-year-old Eduardo Garcia Fuenes failed to stop for a school bus with activated warning lights picking children up on Old Hickory Boulevard in the early hours of February 1st. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Fuenes told officers he did not have a driver’s license and provided his Guatemalan Passport. Fuenes admitted to seeing the bus but did not want to stop because he thought the traffic would hit his Nissan Titan. A licensed driver came to get the truck, and Fuenes was cited for the incident. He was booked on the citation for not having a driver’s license and passing a stopped school bus on February 26th.

DUI: Kaitlin Bamford has 4-5 drinks at Scoreboards before crashing Nissan Altima into ditch

26-year-old Kaitlin Bamford crashed her black Nissan Altima into a ditch on Whites Creek Pike near Haynes Garden Apartments in the early hours of March 1st. NFD personnel spoke with officers as they arrived, advising them that Bamford was sleeping in the driver’s seat when they got there, showing signs of intoxication. Officers talked to Bamford, who admitted to driving after she had 4-5 drinks at Scoreboards. Bamford was transported to Skyline Hospital, where she refused to take sobriety tests but agreed to provide a blood sample. Bamford was taken into custody for driving under the influence-2nd.

Gregory Bratcher strangles his wife during argument

38-year-old Gregory Bratcher had a domestic altercation with his wife, Miranda Leigh Bratcher, at their Club Parkway residence in the early hours of March 1st. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Mrs. Bratcher, who stated that she and Mr. Bratcher had argued and that it turned physical. Mrs. Bratcher advised that Mr. Bratcher placed his hands around her neck, making it difficult to breathe. She was visibly upset as they noticed redness on her face and both sides of her neck. Then, officers spoke with Mr. Bratcher, who told them the altercation was strictly verbal. Once Mr. Bratcher was detained, he claimed that Mrs. Bratcher pushed him. Mrs. Bratcher told officers she wished to prosecute Mr. Bratcher for the incident. Mr. Bratcher was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Devonta Upchurch punches ex-wife in face during argument over car keys

29-year-old Devonta Upchurch had a domestic altercation with his ex-wife, Sarah Upchurch, at Hickory Point Apartments in the early hours of February 26th. Officers responded and spoke with Sarah, who advised that she met Devonta at the apartment complex to return his belongings. During this process, Devonta reached through her car and took her phone as well as her car keys. Sarah said that he left the scene after an argument ensued. When Devonta later returned, Sarah went to grab her items from him. Devonta then punched Sarah in the mouth, giving her a bloody lip. Devonta initially told officers that their incident was strictly verbal before telling them that Sarah hit him on his back. Officers asked if they could see if Devonta had any injuries, but he refused. Devonta Upchurch was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Olivier Niyonteze gets into crash after allowing man to drive his car drunk

30-year-old Olivier Niyonteze was a passenger in his vehicle when it was involved in an accident on February 23rd. Officers arrived and conducted a crash investigation, where they discovered the driver, Aimable Musafiri, was intoxicated. Niyonteze was the registered owner of the vehicle driven by the intoxicated individual. When officers spoke with Niyonteze, he admitted to witnessing the driver consuming alcohol before operating the car and still allowing them to drive. Niyonteze was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Jonathan Cornish, Passenger Princess, shoots at police during car chase

25-year-old Jonathan Cornish rode as a passenger princess in a Nissan Rogue driven by Shamika Jones on February 28th. Jones had an active arrest warrant but refused to stop for officers, sparking a pursuit. During the pursuit, Cornish fired a gun at officers several times. Three out of the five officers, Forrest Drake, David Collins, and Lucas Thomas, were in fear of serious bodily injury or death. Jones then intentionally crashed into a patrol car, disabling her Nissan. Cornish was taken into custody for three counts of attempted criminal homicide on February 29th.

Vincent Clement deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

45-year-old Vincent Clement showed multiple signs of impairment while sitting at Nashville International Airport on the night of February 29th. A passerby observed this and alerted the authorities, initially believing Clement was unresponsive. When officers arrived, they noticed he was awake and reeked of alcohol. When officers questioned Clement, he was unaware of what day it was and admitted to drinking. Clement then told officers he was not flying in or out, leading officers to ask him why he was there. Clement replied, asking, “Am I at the airport?” Clement was taken into custody for public intoxication.

19-year-old Robert Mitchell Jr. caught with stolen gun at Green Hills Mall

19-year-old Robert Lashawn Mitchell Jr. was searched and detained near the Green Hills Mall parking lot regarding a shoplifting incident on February 29th. Employees from the nearby establishment spoke with officers when they arrived and advised them that Mitchell Jr. had a firearm during the incident, which they took after the search.  Officers observed video footage from the location showing employees confiscating the gun from Mitchell. Officers ran the gun’s serial number and were notified of it being stolen. Mitchell Jr. was taken into custody for the theft of a firearm.