David Bennett charged with threatening grandson with baseball bat over rent money

73-year-old David Bennett was waiting with a baseball bat in his hand for his grandson, Jonathan Bennett, to return to their Antioch home on March 1st. When the victim arrived home, David threatened him with bodily harm using the baseball bat if he didn’t pay rent. David’s wife was a witness and corroborated the events to police when they arrived.

Woman goes crazy when man attempts to end relationship: gun, taser, baseball bat, stalking — Mary Louise Williams

22-year-old Mary Louise Williams reportedly went and got her boyfriend’s handgun and threatened to shoot him with it when he told her he wanted to end the relationship on December 12th. After a struggle over the gun, her boyfriend, DayLaquan Kelly, was able to take it from Mary and place it in his pocket. Mary then produced a taser and used it on the victim several times all across his body, resulting in swelling and marks.

That same day at 11 a.m., the victim was sitting in his living room when Mary’s voice suddenly began to broadcast from his home security camera, saying she could see him and knew he had company over there. He immediately unplugged the power to the camera. 90 minutes later, the victim went outside to walk his two dogs and found Mary carrying a baseball bat while walking away from his car, which now had three broken windows, a broken tail light, and 4 flat tires that had been clearly stabbed with a knife, according to officers.

She then attempted to beat him with the metal baseball bat as he confronted her. Mary Louise Williams is charged with stalking, two counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and felony vandalism. She is jailed in lieu of a $27,500 bond.

Woman charged in baseball bat assault of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend when returning child — Yasmine Richarson

24-year-old Yasmine Richardson is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after reportedly showing up to return her boyfriend’s child to the mother, and assaulting her with a baseball bat when she opened the door to let the child inside, then quickly fleeing the scene. The victim, Rakeyah Jones, was not expecting Yasmine to return the child, as she had just spoken to the child’s father, Ladon Giddens, about him dropping the child off. Richardson is free on a $1,500 bond.

Man strangles, hits, and bites mother while she is sitting on the toilet

28-year-old Shelby Toosi was charged with aggravated assault after he strangled, hit, and bit his mother while she was sitting on the toilet, per report.

22yo attacks boyfriend’s mom with pepper spray and baseball bat

Metro Police say 22-year-old Timaria Deberry pepper-sprayed her boyfriend’s mother when she was asked to leave and got into an argument. The mother then chased her down to a parking lot, Timaria pulled out a baseball bat, and the mom defended herself with a razor blade knife.

NEW VIDEO: Paul’s Market – Baseball bat beating, gun & drug sales

Employees of Paul’s market, including manager Ayed ‘Oskar’ Khawaf, have been arrested twice in two weeks for separate incidents to include imprisoning and assaulting a man inside the store and assaulting a lady with a golf club. We have NEW VIDEO of a baseball bat assault by Oskar and evidence of gun & drug sales at the market.