Woman charged in assault & harassment of ex-girlfriend — Stasha Waters arrested

Metro Police say 21-year-old Stasha Waters was arguing with her ex-girlfriend, Johna Foxx, were arguing inside a vehicle when Waters reportedly pushed her hands onto Foxx’s face then punched her in the mouth before grabbing her by the hair and also punching the back of her head. Foxx says Waters then drive up and down her street several times after the fight ended and Facetimed her to show her a handgun, stating “I have something for you”.

Woman hangs onto ex-girlfriend’s moving car to throw service dog out and assault her

20-year-old Johna Foxx was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly clung to her ex-girlfriend’s car window so she could hit her and threw her service dog out of the vehicle.

Teen charged after girlfriend says she sat in driveway for hours before strangling her

19-year-old Johna Foxx was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation when her girlfriend told officers she sat in her sister’s driveway for hours and when she went to talk, Foxx grabbed her by the throat and began striking her in the face.

Woman scratches and punches girlfriend in her head

28-year-old Dominica Lewis was charged with domestic assault after scratching and then repeatedly punching her girlfriend in the head.

Nashville teen arrested after blowing smoke in officer’s face & being belligerent

19-year-old John’a S. Foxx was charged with disorderly conduct after brawling another female in a parking lot near Dickerson Pike Sunday Morning. Officers say she blew smoke in their face and tried to run away when approached.