Marissa King punches boyfriend in face, pulls dreadlock from his head — at his workplace

25-year-old Marissa King was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from February 28th after she punched her ex-boyfriend in the face and pulled out a dreadlock while he was at work. Ralkeem Baxter and King live together but are no longer in a relationship. Baxter was working at Food Lion when Marissa walked down the aisle, punched him in the face, and pulled out a deadlock from his head. There were visible scratches on Baxter’s right cheek, and officers issued a warrant for her arrest.

Emmanuelle Neuville to police: “take me to jail!”… and they did

23-year-old Emmanuelle Neuville was jailed on March 23rd after asking to be taken to jail rather than going with her friends. Police responded to Rep John Lewis Way, where Neuville was on the floor with one friend holding her. The friend told officers that Neuville was very drunk and tried to run away from her. Neuville smelled of alcohol and had glossy watery eyes and slurred speech. Police gave all three a ride to the sober friend’s car, but Neuville refused to leave the patrol car, asking police to take her to jail, instead. Dedicated to providing the best customer service to downtown Nashville patrons, the officers obliged her request and transported her to booking.

DUI: Kate Swan crashes after drinking 2-3 beers at Chili’s before driving

58-year-old Kate Swan was jailed on March 23rd after rear-ending a stopped car in the turning lane on Myatt Drive while drunk. Swan was standing next to her Toyota Rav 4 when police arrived. They could smell alcohol coming from her, and she told officers that she had 2-3 beers at Chili’s prior to driving. She agreed to sobriety tests and performed poorly. The breathalyzer came back as .131% BAC.

Charles Ramsey charged with joyriding in stolen vehicle

36-year-old Charles Ramsey was jailed on March 21st for being a passenger in a stolen vehicle on Lafayette Street. Police ran the plates on a silver Jeep Cherokee Laredo, which came back as stolen. A traffic stop was conducted, and Ramsey was in the back seat. He was taken into custody and charged with joyriding.

Megan Sequeria found unresponsive behind wheel at gas pump with ecstasy in her bra

36-year-old Megan Sequeria was jailed on March 20th after falling asleep high at the wheel of her Mitsubishi while at the gas pump. Officers knocked on the window, but Sequeria didn’t respond. Her door was unlocked, so the officer gently shook her shoulder; she opened her eyes partially but closed them again. Officers asked if she was ok, and she nodded yes but seemed completely confused about where she was and what was going on. Officers asked Sequeria to exit the vehicle to question her. As she exited the car, a folded-up dollar bill fell from her lap, officers stated that judging from their experience, it looked to be folded in a manner used for drugs. Sequeria admitted to taking Gabapentin, a nerve medicine, when officers asked her if she had any substances or anything to drink. A white powdery residue was found inside the dollar bill during the vehicle search. She agreed to sobriety tests which she performed poorly on and was taken into custody. She later admitted to having ecstasy pills in her bra, which was recovered by a female officer.

Kimberly Kincannon sets neighbor’s door on fire when he tries to collect money she owes him

57-year-old Kimberly Kincannon was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from Valentine’s day, which alleges she set her neighbor’s house on fire after an argument about money. Harold Pendergrass told police that Kincannon owed him money, and he attempted to collect it, which upset her. She started yelling and acting erratic. They live in the same apartment complex, and Pendergrass went back to his apartment when she started to yell at him. Later that night, he woke up from his dog barking at his front door. When he opened his front door, he saw a bottle of lighter fluid, and his front door was engulfed in fire. During a follow-up interview on March 9th, Kincannon explained to police that although the lighter fluid was hers, she didn’t ignite it, but if she had, “it would have been with a lighter.”

Roommates rumble at job site over tools — Jefferson Ixcol arrested

36-year-old Jefferson Ixcol was jailed on March 17th after slapping his roommate Ambrosio Adolfo across the face over an argument at work. Adolfo and Ixcol work together at a construction site on Ben Hill Drive. Adolfo went to talk to their boss Juarez Diego about the disagreement that he was having with Ixcol when Ixcol came up from behind and smacked Adolfo across his face. Apparently, Adolfo had been using Ixcol’s tools and not replacing them, which started the argument. Ixcol denies smacking Adolfo. He told police that Adolfo told him to hit him, but he didn’t; he pushed him instead. Police asked Diego if that were true, and he said no, that Ixcol did indeed slap Adolfo.

DUI: Nathan Harrell charged after admitting to drinking before driving on interstate

32-year-old Nathan Harrell was driving on I-24 late Wednesday night when he nearly struck the front end of a Kentucky State Trooper’s patrol car that was also traveling in the area. The trooper contacted Metro Nashville Police, who responded to the scene and found Harrell visibly intoxicated and smelling of alcohol. Harrell stated he had two drinks and lunch and had also been drinking at a client’s home prior to driving. He refused field sobriety testing and was transported to Nashville General for a blood draw and then to booking. An inventory search of the vehicle revealed an open bottle of alcohol that was a quarter empty and a Yeti cup with an alcoholic beverage inside.