Anterio Duncombe strangles girlfriend multiple times during altercation

21-year-old Anterio Daeshon Duncombe had an altercation with his girlfriend, Catelynn Franklin, at their Edmonson Pike apartment on the afternoon of February 19th. Franklin spoke with officers when they arrived and advised them that she and Duncombe were arguing about their relationship when it turned physical. Franklin stated that Duncombe hit and scratched her repeatedly. Then, Franklin said Duncombe strangled her multiple times, but she was unsure if she lost consciousness. Officers observed extensive bruising and scratches on Franklin’s neck, hands, and arms. They spoke with Duncombe, who said he pushed her to keep her away but would not elaborate further. Duncombe was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Connor Hill caught texting while driving on revoked license

31-year-old Connor Hill was texting while driving his gray Toyota Tacoma without his seatbelt on I-65 North on February 19th. Officers observed this, activated their emergency equipment, and conducted a traffic stop. Hill yielded before getting off at the Rosa Parks Boulevard exit, where officers approached him and requested his driver’s credentials.  Officers checked Hill’s driving status and history, which returned with one revocation, a DUI out of Williamson County in March 2021, restricting his license to an interlock device. Officers then asked Hill if he knew about his revoked driving status. Hill told officers that he was unaware of the revocation and was told his DUI was resolved in 2022. Officers noticed no interlock device in his Tacoma as dispatch confirmed his driving status and restriction. Hill was taken into custody for driving with a revoked license.

19-year-old Makayla Driver drunkenly punches mother in head during altercation

19-year-old Makayla Driver was in a group of people that officers observed fighting on Tanglewood Court in the early hours of February 18th. When officers arrived, they noticed Driver reeked of alcohol and was acting disorderly. When officers tried to calm Driver down, she got up and punched her mother in the head. Her mother spoke with officers and refused to provide her personal information. Her mother also did not wish to prosecute for the attack. Driver was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Nashville Fire Fighter Aaron Johnson tells police “I F*cked Up, Man” after causing crash

32-year-old Nashville Fire Fighter Aaron Johnson was jailed on February 18th for causing a three-vehicle crash on Jefferson and Cowan Street. When police arrived, they saw three cars crashed on the road and the occupants of the vehicles waiting on the sidewalk of the bridge. While police spoke with Aaron, they noticed his eyes were very glassy; he was slurring his words and swaying back and forth. Aaron did not consent to field sobriety tests and kept repeating, “I f*cked up, man.” Johnson was then placed in the patrol vehicle, where officers noticed he smelled of alcohol. Johnson was arrested for DUI and transported to booking.

DUI: Katrina Chambers found passed out in GMC Yukon on Korean Veterans Boulevard

52-year-old Katrina Chambers was booked on February 17th after reports of an individual passed out behind the wheel of a GMC Yukon at a red light on Korean Veterans Boulevard and 2nd Avenue. Officers observed Chambers in the vehicle with the ignition on and her foot on the brake. Chambers admitted to having two “Tito’s and Sprite” drinks at a cigar bar and was headed home. Chambers had bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech, and was unsteady on her feet when she exited the vehicle. After performing poorly on sobriety tests, Chambers was taken into custody. While in transit to booking, Chambers admitted that she was also at another location aside from the cigar bar, where she had an additional drink. While at booking, Chambers consented to a breath sample, which resulted in a .104% BAC.

DUI: Douglas Holmes caught drunk in McDonald’s drive-thru

58-year-old Douglas Holmes was jailed on February 17th after reports of an intoxicated individual in the drive-thru at the McDonalds on Robinson Road. Officers arrived and found Holmes in the driver’s seat of a silver Hyundai Sonata. He was asked to park his car and perform sobriety tests. When he stepped out of the vehicle, he couldn’t keep his balance and admitted to having one beer at a Mexican restaurant a few hours prior. He performed poorly on sobriety tests and was transported to General Hospital for a blood sample.

Dennis Pethke jailed after stealing $459,485 worth of his brother-in-law’s belongings

30-year-old Dennis Michael Pethke housesat for his brother-in-law, William Richey Jr., and his family while they were out of town from February 8th to February 11th. When they returned, they discovered several missing items, including high-end, luxury designer clothing, jewelry, handbags, and collectibles. They asked Pethke if anyone else had been in the house or if the doors had been unlocked while they were gone, and he told them that he was the only one in there. Then, after Richey Jr. told him that he alerted the authorities, Pethke called them and can be heard on a recorded call admitting to stealing over 200 items and selling them to pawn shops, consignment stores, and online retailers. Detectives located and placed a hold on one of the reported jewelry items in a pawn shop out of Murfreesboro. They discovered the seller was Pethke after verifying him by his Tennessee driver’s license. Officers were provided with text messages between the owner of a consignment store and Pethke, stating he wanted to sell several items listed in the police report. The owner was cooperative with the Richey family and willingly returned their items. The owner of the two other stores confirmed that Pethke sold the items and advised officers that he called them, stating he needed to retrieve them because they were stolen. The total cost of the stolen belongings was $459,485 at the time, but they had not finished tallying all their missing things and had only recovered 25 out of the 200 listed. Pethke was taken into custody for theft of property on February 21st.

Deandrecus Ford caught driving stolen Audi A5 without a license

31-year-old Deandrecus Ford was jailed on February 19th when officers observed an Audi A5 with no tags driving on Glastonbury Road toward Massman Drive. Officers initiated a traffic stop, and Ford could not provide a registration. It was also discovered that Mr. Ford was driving on a suspended license. Officers ran the vehicle’s VIN and determined the car was stolen out of Memphis on February 17th. Ford was taken into custody and said he purchased the car from a friend for $900. A search of the vehicle yielded one marijuana bud and a digital scale. Officers also located an open bottle of Jack Daniels in the car. Ford admitted to knowing it was there from the day before. In the trunk of the vehicle, officers located signs for “Shelandra Ford” for office in Shelby County. Mr. Ford told officers that it was his mother. When officers called the unnamed victim, they accurately described Mr. Ford as the thief. The victim said he gave Mr. Ford a ride and stepped out of the vehicle to run something inside. When he came back out, the car was gone. The 2010 Audi A5 is valued at approximately $5,482. Mr. Ford has an extensive criminal history in Shelby County, including two robberies, two attempts at identity theft, burglary, theft, and multiple drug charges. Ford was taken into custody on February 19th for theft of a vehicle, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended license.

Kimberly Wormack deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

56-year-old Kimberly Wormack was jailed on February 16th after reports of a female passenger who was refused boarding at BNA due to being intoxicated. Officers found Ms. Wormack near gate C27 displaying obvious signs of intoxication. Officers ordered Kimberly to leave the airport and rest so she could fly back in the morning. Initially, Kimberly was cooperative, but she became belligerent and started to scream, stating that she wasn’t going to leave. Based on Kimberly’s escalating behavior along with her level of intoxication, officers concluded that she was a danger to herself, and she was placed under arrest.

Kirhee Young points gun at woman during confrontation over racial remarks

32-year-old Kirhee Young had an incident with Jennifer Lackey at his Rio Vista Drive residence on the afternoon of February 16th. Lackey spoke with the officers when they arrived, advising them that she and Young argued over racial remarks he made on the phone with his brother. Then, Lackey told Young since he “does not like white people,” she would leave and started packing her things to leave the residence. Lackey said that it was at this time that Young walked into the bedroom, pointing a firearm at her, and told her to “Try him,” so she walked outside and called the authorities. Officers spoke with Young, who said he had a firearm but did not point it at her. Then, Young agreed to let them enter the residence and showed them where the gun was. Young was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.