Kierah Quendasia Pruitt charged with assaulting her girlfriend at the Thirsty Turtle in Antioch

25-year-old Kierah  Quendasia Pruitt was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant charging her with domestic assault. Police say she was at the Thirsty Turtle on Bell Road on May 5th with her girlfriend, Kendraneisha Lochelle Burks, and the two got into an argument about who would drive home. At some point in the argument, Pruitt reportedly grabbed her lover by the shirt and punched her in the face several times. A witness also says Pruitt punched the victim again on the way home while at a red light.

East Nashville nudist charged with DUI on the way home from Rebar

57-year-old Vicki Walbridge was charged with driving under the influence and implied consent after she crashed her Rav4 into a curb and told officers she was heading home from Rebar.

Woman accuses boyfriend of giving her COVID, trashes his clothes while he’s jailed for assault

27-year-old Jordan Howard was charged with domestic assault and 27-year-old Destiny Bowie was charged with theft when Jordan returned home from jail after a domestic incident and discovered that Destiny had thrown all his clothes away.

Man threatens to stab woman and cut her head off in a Wendy’s parking lot

47-year-old Toriando Mason was charged with assault when he threatened a woman and her daughter in a Wendy’s parking lot stating “I’m going to cut your head off” while police officers were present.

Fugitive says “I’m going to beat your ass” to girlfriend during assault

37-year-old Troy Johnson was charged with two counts of domestic assault after arguments with his girlfriend led her to defend herself with a potato peeler and left her with scratches.

Woman reportedly punches little sister when she did not feed a baby properly

21-year-old Chaisha Brown was charged with domestic assault after punching her little sister when she was upset about how a baby was being fed.