Brandon Cook punches his mother in the face repeatedly

23-year-old Brandon Ne’Shaun Cook was involved in a domestic disturbance with his mother, Brandie Cook, at their residence in the late hours of December 4th. Brandie stated that her son became aggressive after she told him that she disapproved of his drug use, causing him to start throwing items in the house. She advised that he started threatening to harm her and eventually punched her in the face multiple times, so she used pepper spray to prevent any further attack. Brandon told officers that he was upset with his mom for trying to discipline him, so he punched her numerous times in the face, even though he knew he should not have. They both refused to be treated by the Nashville Fire Department. Brandon Cook was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Jacob Walker, 20, charged with underage drinking after crashing into two vehicles

20-year-old Jacob Walker was involved in a crash at the intersection of 33rd Avenue North and Alameda St. on November 1st. TSU police alerted officers regarding an impaired driver crashing into two vehicles, fleeing, and then returning to the scene. Officers spoke with Walker, who was visibly intoxicated as he admitted to leaving the scene, consuming alcohol, and being too impaired to drive. Walker consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Walker refused to provide a breath sample and spoke with witnesses who positively identified him. Walker was placed in custody for leaving the scene of an accident, implied consent, driving under the influence, and underage consumption of alcohol.

Rebecca Haney deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville

34-year-old Rebecca Haney was observed running down Broadway in the early hours of Saturday morning, just before last call, striking police vehicles with her hands and kicking traffic cones into lanes of traffic. Officers asked her to pick up the traffic cones, and she refused and yelled at them. She continued to scream at police throughout their interaction and was deemed to be too intoxicated for downtown Nashville.

DUI: Kyle Mahoney charged after North Nashville crash

Multiple witnesses say 35-year-old Kyle Mahoney was driving his truck on 24th Ave North in the early hours of Sunday morning when he slid and ran off the road, crashing into a utility pole. He reportedly stumbled out of the truck and told officers he had “a lot” of alcohol prior to driving but could not remember how much or what kind. Mahoney was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Alan Crowell, 63, charged with assault of wife during Jason Aldean concert in Nashville

63-year-old Alan Crowell was attending the Jason Aldean concert this weekend with his wife when he passed out, and medics and officers rushed to his assistance. As his wife reached over to help him stand up, he suddenly shoved her in the chest, pushing her back. After being medically cleared, he was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

Caleb Pitts burglarizes Jason Aldean’s Bar for a hoodie & runs from police

21-year-old Caleb Pitts faces multiple charges, including felony burglary, after police say he stole a hoodie from the retail portion of Jason Aldean’s bar and fled from them. Offices first responded to the Broadway bar as Pitts was fighting with security, who had observed him pull on a locked door until it broke open and take a grey hoodie from the merchandise area of the venue. Pitts, who was visibly intoxicated, pulled away from officers as they arrived but was captured after a brief foot chase.

Woman says David Cox touched her inappropriately, MNPD says he’s just drunk and burpy

A woman flagged down Metro Nashville Police Officer James Harber and told him that a man identified as 21-year-old David Cox was touching her inappropriately and without her consent while inside Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville, and he continued despite being told to stop multiple times. Officer Harber placed Cox in the rear of his patrol car, where he noted he “belched continuously.” Officer Harber noted that “due to the actions of the defendant and his obvious intoxicated condition,” he was charged with public intoxication. He was transported to booking, where he stayed for the standard eight-hour hold, at which time he was released with charges dismissed.