Billy Matabaro booked after threatening to kill person who robbed him, says he’ll “handle it himself”

32-year-old Billy Murhula Mataboro was robbed near his Whispering Oaks Place residence in the early hours of April 11th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Mataboro, who was stumbling around the parking lot and reeked of alcohol. They tried questioning him about the occurrence, but he was very “hyped up” and would not listen to them, yelling he had been robbed repeatedly. Then, while Mataboro explained what happened, he kept making threats to kill whoever was responsible, stating he would just “handle it himself.” Officers gave him numerous chances to calm down, advising him he could not make threats of that nature. After Mataboro finished providing his report, he said he was going to go over there and harm the other individuals involved. For the safety of himself and others, Mataboro was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Thomas Turner Jr. assaults girlfriend, breaks her windshield during dispute over Instagram comment

21-year-old Thomas Turner Jr. had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Kiyona Browne, at his mother’s Richards Road residence on March 24th. Browne was at the Walgreens on Antioch Pike when she alerted the authorities. When officers arrived, she explained that she and Turner Jr. had argued over a social media post that she felt was disrespectful to their relationship. Then, after a while, Browne decided to leave because she had to take her niece somewhere the next day. However, she could not leave because Turner Jr. still had her key fob. Browne said she still went out to her car and locked the door, but Turner Jr. followed her outside, unlocked the door, and got in the backseat. While in the backseat, he started punching the interior of the car, causing injury to his hands. Browne took Turner Jr. back inside so they could clean up the injuries and he could calm down, which he did. Shortly after, Turner Jr. became angry again, and when Browne got her key fob and returned to her car, he followed her again. Turner Jr. got into the passenger seat before Browne could lock the car. Then, Browne told him to get out repeatedly, but he refused, asking if she was going to cheat on him. When Browne did not reply, Turner Jr. threw his phone at the windshield, leaving a crack. Browne said he kept pulling her back in when she tried to exit the vehicle. When Browne got out to walk away, Turner Jr. kept trying to block her from leaving, grabbed her arm, and pulled her towards the car. When they returned to the car, Browne got inside and locked Turner Jr. out of it. Turner Jr. kicked Browne’s car as she drove away to Walgreens, where she called the police. Officers observed the cracked windshield and blood inside the car. Officers contacted Turner Jr., who agreed to speak with them at his mother’s apartment. When officers arrived, he told them that his injuries were not caused by Browne, adding that she never assaulted him. Then, Turner Jr. admitted to throwing his phone at the windshield and cracking it. Officers went to detain him, but he attempted to flee and resist. Turner Jr. was transported to General Hospital for medical treatment to his hands and was later taken into custody for domestic assault, vandalism, resisting arrest, and false imprisonment on March 25th.

18-year-old Prentice Hill steals over $1,000 from Dollar General, tells police he “borrowed some money”

18-year-old Prentice Hill, a cashier at the Dollar General on Bell Road, was jailed on January 4th after the location manager reported he had been stealing. Rebecca Bradford advised that Hill had activated multiple gift cards without paying. The incident occurred on December 23rd. when Hill rang up and activated eight different gift cards as being paid with cash but never put any money in the register. The total amount of the transaction was $1080.05. There is also video footage of the theft. Hill told officers he had some “stuff” going on and “borrowed some money from the store.”

Christopher Hooper punches man multiple times during argument at Titans game

36-year-old Christopher Hooper, a Tennessee City Fire Department Firefighter, was involved in a scuffle with Hunter Brown Shirk at Titans Way, inside the stadium near gate 7 on December 3rd. Security from the stadium spoke with Shirk, who advised he and Hooper were arguing, so he went to get security, but Hooper followed and sucker-punched him in the nose, causing him to fall as he continued punching him in the face. The medical staff on-site treated Shirk and stated his nose might be broken. There was a witness who confirmed Shirk’s statements, and the stadium captured footage as well. Hooper was taken into custody for assault.

Patrick Campbell sneaks into restricted area at Taylor Swift concert, assaults security

20-year-old Patrick Campbell of Gallatin was attending the Taylor Swift concert in Nashville on May 5 with a valid ticket. While inside the stadium, Campbell entered a restricted area of the event and refused to leave when confronted by security. He then pushed the Apex security officer who confronted him, and another officer had to assist with escorting him out of the restricted area, and then the stadium. Campbell was issued a citation, charging him with disorderly conduct.

John May charged after fight outside Tootsies in downtown Nashville

29-year-old John May was involved in a fight outside Tootsies on Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday. When Metro Nashville Police arrived, the other party did not want to prosecute for the assault, however, May was charged with disorderly conduct for causing the disturbance and transported to booking.

Trevor Fallen goes to jail after ignoring MNPD officers, crossing street in downtown Nashville

A traffic officer working the downtown Nashville Entertainment District told 26-year-old Trevor Fallen to not walk into the roadway Friday evening at the intersection of 5th & Broadway, yet he continued to do so. Metro Nashville Police Officer Randall also advised Fallon it was unsafe to currently cross the roadway and was also ignored. Once contact was made with Fallon, police say it was obvious he was too intoxicated to care for himself, and he was transported to booking for public intoxication.

Employees steals $7,505 from Antioch Home Depot in 2 days — Yvette Muhawe

21-year-old Yvette Muhawe signed a confession, admitting to leaving the cash drawer open after completing a transaction at the Antioch Home Depot where she worked, and after the customer walks away, taking money from the register. On November 29th she took $3,868, and on November 30 the amount was $3,637. She is charged with two felony counts of theft and is free on pre-trial release.

Tourist charged with assault of his wife and a bartender at Kid Rock’s Bar — Luis Gomez

52-year-old tourist Luis Gomez, from Colorado, faces multiple assault charges after he slapped his wife during an argument at Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville, and then reportedly assaulted a bartender when she told them they needed to leave the venue. Gomez is charged with the domestic assault of his wife, and assault of the bartender, and is free on a $3,500 cash bond.

Another football fan arrested for being too intoxicated at Titans’ game – Taylor Denney

MNPD Officer Megan Arnett made a second arrest of an intoxicated person at the Titans’ game Sunday… 31-year-old Taylor Denney was reportedly causing a scene inside the stadium, having trouble standing on his own, and refused to leave on his own, so she took him into custody and charged him with #PublicIntoxication. Denney was also flagged to serve the full eight-hour hold before being released.