Naquin Dickson booked after trespassing at Christ Cathedral Church

67-year-old Naquin Dickson was observed her trespassing at the Christ Cathedral Church on February 17th. Officers responded for an alarm and arrived at the church. Officers checked the area and did not find anything unusual. As officers were beginning to leave, they observed Dickson emerge from inside the church and stand in the doorway. Officers spoke with Dickson, she told them that she had a blue jacket with her cigarettes sitting just inside the doorway. This confirmed that Dickson had trespassed inside the church. The church has a valid trespass waiver on file for Dickson. Dickson was booked on the citation on March 20th.

18-Year-Old Stasia Ingram breaks boyfriend’s $350 laptop during argument at Drake Motel

18-year-old Stasia Ingram had a domestic incident with Javaughn White, her boyfriend, at the Drake Motel on Murfreesboro Pike in the early hours of March 25th. When officers arrived, they spoke with White, who stated he and Ingram had a verbal altercation because he was “not communicating with her as she desired.” White said that this made her angry, which was when she took a box of McDonald’s French fries and poured them on him. White added that her actions were offensive and provocative. As the dispute continued, Ingram broke his $350 laptop in half. Ingram was deemed as the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Drunk and Naked: David Lariviere breaks into Bourbon Street Blues Bar, says he had “a stomach ache”

49-year-old David Lariviere caused the security alarm to go off at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar in the early hours of March 25th. When the officers arrived, they noticed Lariviere fully naked, walking away from them. Officers told Lariviere to sit down and talk with them. He told officers he had a “stomach ache” and was “using the bathroom.” Officers observed feces on his leg while detaining him. The bar was closed three hours before officers arrived. As officers investigated, they found that Lariviere had soiled himself on the second floor after finding his clothes. Lariviere told officers that he had four alcoholic beverages, then said he had nine drinks, and then lastly said he had seven. Lariviere was taken into custody for criminal trespass.

Andreas Tsinakis booked after stealing $155.36 worth of groceries from Target

44-year-old Andreas Tsinakis tried to steal merchandise from the Target on White Bridge Pike late March 2nd. Larry Seiber, an employee at Target, spoke with officers when they arrived, advising Tsinakis had been caught concealing $155.36 worth of groceries and outdoor items into a bag. Seiber added that this was his second time shoplifting at the location and that the business would be prosecuting. When officers detained Tsinakis, Seiber told him he was trespassed from all Target Locations. Tsinakis was cited for the incident that day. Tsinakis was booked on the citation of theft on March 19th.

Travell Morris booked after stealing from Rue 21 in Opry Mills

31-year-old Travell Clifford Morris On March 1st, officers were dispatched to Rue 21 in Opry Mills regarding two individuals, later identified as Morris and his girlfriend, who were stealing. When officers arrived, they observed security detaining the couple. Security advised that Kquaz Donald, one of the store employees, witnessed Morris’ girlfriend filling a bag with items and handing it to Morris. He stated that Morris walked out without paying for the items in the bag. Morris was cited for the incident that day. Morris was booked on the citation on March 19th. 

Kymberlee Golden assaults coworker after learning she was fired

38-year-old Kymberlee Golden assaulted a co-worker on May 12th, 2023. Golden was called into the office to be terminated. Upon hearing she was being separated from her job, Golden began cursing and making threats to multiple employees. Golden was also seen calling a co-worker several obscene names and throwing a pen at him. Golden was booked on a summons for assault on March 20th.

Richard Thorpe harasses bystanders after being kicked out of Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

47-year-old Richard Thorpe was escorted out of Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk by security at around 9:50 p.m. on March 24th. After this, officers observed Thorpe harassing bystanders outside of the bar. Officers approached him and attempted to provide him with a safe ride to his hotel. Thorpe showed multiple signs of impairment and could not give officers an address of where he would be staying for the night. So, officers deemed him a danger to not able to care for himself. Thorpe was taken into custody for public intoxication.

DUI: Paige Ledbetter speeds down I-65 North at over 100mph, tells police she “had a rough day”

21-year-old Paige Ledbetter was speeding down I-65 North on March 23rd. Officers observed her coming from behind them, so they followed her, where they reached over 100 miles per hour and initiated a traffic stop. When officers approached, they asked Ledbetter about her driving, and she told them that she “Had a tough day” and was “on her way home.” Officers noticed she reeked of alcohol as she spoke, so they questioned her about it. Ledbetter replied that she had “One after work” at around 5:30 p.m., adding that she “had a rough day.” Then, Ledbetter stated she had “a couple” and allowed officers to search her car, where they located a cup with a yellow liquid that smelled like alcohol. Ledbetter would not clarify if it was alcohol and said that it was “possibly a few days old.” Officers detained her and transported her to a safe location for sobriety tests. Ledbetter performed poorly and then agreed to provide a breath sample after being informed of implied consent, resulting in 0.150 BAC%. Ledbetter was taken into custody for driving under the influence and reckless driving.

Tommy Morgan steals man’s shotguns, immediately pawns them for $500

23-year-old Tommy Lee Morgan was taken into custody for burglary on March 20th. On February 21st, William Kimbrough filed a police report regarding his two shotguns, a Beretta 300 and a Mossberg, being stolen from his detached garage at his residence between February 9th and February 21st. Officers followed up with Kimbrough and were provided serial numbers for the guns, so they checked the local pawn history. Officers learned the Beretta 300 was pawned at Cash America Pawn on North 1st Street on February 17th at 10:14 a.m. by Morgan for $500. Detectives confirmed this after reviewing the pawn store’s surveillance footage. After Kimbrough realized his garage was burglarized, he installed a camera near the back gate in his backyard. Then, on February 24th, at around 3 a.m., Kimbrough’s camera showed Morgan returning, realizing there was a camera, and then turning around and leaving. On March 14th, a warrant was issued for Morgan’s arrest. Morgan was taken into custody on March 20th.

Michael Slavik assaults security guard after not paying tab at Agave Maria, tells him “I am going to smack you”

42-year-old Michael Robert Slavik had an altercation with a security guard, Devin Ray Goodman, at Agave Maria on March 25th. The police were called regarding an intoxicated male, later identified as Slavik, refusing to pay his tab. When officers arrived, they noticed security guards had him pinned down. Goodman spoke with officers and stated that he was called to the bar because Slavik did not want to pay his tab. The supervising security guard attempted to obtain a form of payment from Slavik, who was uncooperative. After being unable to obtain a form of payment, security told Slavik he should leave the property instead. Slavik then left the property but came back a short time later. Security repeatedly told Slavik he had to leave and that if he returned, he would be trespassed. Slavik began to get upset and pushed himself toward security as if he was going to fight them. Slavik told Goodman, “I am going to smack you,” and tried to smack him in the face, but Goodman avoided him. Slavik then asked Goodman’s manager, “Can I smack him?” and then attempted to smack him a second time, but he was able to avoid that as well. Slavik then attempted to punch Goodman in the face but failed. Goodman and the other security guards then pinned Slavik down to the ground due to him fighting back. Shortly after the incident, police arrived and arrested Slavik. Slavik then pulled away from police repeatedly, causing a disturbance, cursing at them, and reeked of alcohol. Slavik was taken into custody for assault, theft, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.