Man charged with child abuse & assault; rips child away & knocks father unconscious, per report — David LaRue

Just hours after Dylan Sanford was given custody of his child, the child’s mother and her brother, 36-year-old David Larue, brutally attacked Sanford and stole the child, ripping it from the arms of the father, causing the child to become injured when it fell to the ground. Court records allege LaRue then beat Sanford unconscious and choke him from behind. David LaRue was charged with felony aggravated assault – strangulation and felony child abuse. He is free on a $30,000 bond. The sister, Christina Jakes, was being booked into the Metro Jail early Monday morning. Her charges were not yet available.

DUI: Jacob Brown says he made a “stupid mistake”, police say he was “on the nod”

Police say 21-year-old Jacob Taylor Brown was “on the nod” when they found him at a stop sign in North Nashville, where he was observed in his vehicle leaning over, slowing coming back up, looking around, and going back down again. He would not elaborate on what drug he was using, only that he had made a “stupid mistake”.

Friends leave woman behind after she crashes car while driving under the influence, per affidavit

18-year-old Heliegh Allen was charged with DUI and implied consent after she was involved in a car accident near the intersection of Baxter Road and Sugar Lane.

Man passed out behind wheel on train tracks, blows a .212 BAC: Andrew Nutter

Andrew Thomas Nutter was arrested just before 3 AM on Friday morning, as police arrived to him being found in his vehicle attached to a tow truck that was pulling him off the train tracks near Douglas & McFerrin. Nutter was passed out drunk behind the wheel during the entire process and had no idea he was being towed off active train tracks. According to police reports, MNPD officers were dispatched to Douglas & McFerrin after a passerby called in stating someone was passed out in a red Toyota Corolla…