Malcolm Easley jailed after fight outside Tin Roof Midtown

25-year-old Malcolm Easley was jailed on Sunday morning after an argument became violent in a fight in front of Tin Roof on Demonbreun. The two fought, and each had a chance to walk away from the altercation, but Easley refused. Both parties were heavily intoxicated. Easley was taken into custody due to the likelihood of the behavior continuing.

Teenage Roomate Rumble: Kyle Kitchen, Julianna Hobbs, & Eric Hutchenson Jr

19-year-old Kyle Kitchen, 18-year-old Julianna Hobbs, & 18-year-old Eric Hutchenson Jr were jailed early Saturday morning after multiple violent incidents occurred between the trio. Jason told police he was home hanging with friends when he and his ex-girlfriend Julianna got into an argument, and she struck him. Police asked him where she hit him at, but he couldn’t remember. According to Jason, after the incident with Juliana, Eric told him not to talk to Juliana like that and tried to punch him, but he ducked and dodged the hit and fell to the ground. Jason went to get back up, and Kyle entered the apartment, put Jason in a headlock for a short time, and then let go. Officers observed injuries to Jason’s cheek and neck consistent with the story. Eric returned to the scene to speak with the police and told them that Jason told him he was going to kill everyone, which allegedly led to the fight.

Kerry Starnes attacks temporary lover who let him stay with her

20-year-old Kerry Starnes was jailed on March 17th after attacking a woman he was in a sexual relationship with. Emily Jackson asked Starnes to leave her home because they weren’t together anymore, and he didn’t live there. She tells police they had a sexual relationship previously, and Starnes became upset, picked her up by the throat, and slammed her on the ground. Emily fought to get him off of her. Officers documented injuries on the victim.

DUI: Alexandra Vinson charged after early morning crash near Vanderbilt

27-year-old Alexandra Vinson was jailed early Sunday Morning after crashing her SUV into a utility pole and power line while intoxicated at the corner of 28 Avenue and Vanderbilt place. When police arrived, Vinson had watery eyes and a slight odor of alcohol coming from her. During the investigation, she was slurring her words and needed assistance to walk as she was unsteady on her feet. She agreed to sobriety testing and performed poorly. During the vehicle search, an open bottle of alcohol was found in the passenger side door.

Jade Schuler assaults brother during a drunken brawl

34-year-old Jade Schuler was jailed on Saturday Morning after fighting with his brother, Jordan Schuler, on Rose Park Drive. Jordan told police that he and Jade got into an argument, and Jade shoved him several times and locked him out of the house. Officers observed bruises on Jordan’s arms, and his shirt was torn. Jordan said he and his brother had been drinking, and he didn’t know why they got into an argument. The brothers have a history of domestic violence incidents between them.

Marcus Powell attempts to run girlfriend off the road after argument at downtown bar

38-year-old Marcus Powell was jailed Saturday morning after trying to run his girlfriend off the road when she tried to go home and get away from him. Precious Douglas told police that she and her boyfriend Powell were at a bar downtown and were asked to leave due to Powell’s behavior. She went to the bathroom to get away from him, and when she walked out of the bathroom, he was standing in the doorway. She said he grabbed her and said, “b***h, you going to leave me?” Security and police stopped Powell and escorted Douglas to the vehicle. She told Powell to leave her alone and that he could get his car from her house. When she got home, she got into her car, and when Powell got to her home, he got into his vehicle, followed her, and tried to run her off the road to stop her.

Darwin Alvarado punches woman in a dispute over cleaning the house — Antioch Behavior

28-year-old Darwin Alvarado was jailed Saturday morning after punching a woman in the face on Baby Ruth Lane. Yandery Lindinger told police that Alvarado arrived at the apartment, and they got into an argument about the apartment about the cleanliness of the apartment. The argument escalated when Alvarado punched Lindinger in the chest and the face. Police observed a red and swollen lip. Erlinda Lindinger was a witness to the incident.

Judah Todd’s acid trip sidetracked by Metro Nashville Police

19-year-old Judah Todd was found mid-morning Tuesday wandering the streets of North Nashville near Rowan & Revels Drive. Metro Police responded to the area after neighbors reported a ‘suspicious person’ walking in the roadway. He was talking to himself and acting erratically, according to first responders. The more they spoke to him, the more he walked in the roadway and ignored them. Officers eventually coaxed him into the back of a patrol car to keep him safe until medical arrived. When asked about his behavior, he disclosed he was tripping on ‘acid’/LSD. He refused all medical treatment multiple times and was eventually transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Chad Banks says girlfriend must have “tripped over his boot” — says he didn’t assault her

37-year-old tourist Chad Banks was jailed after beating up his girlfriend on Friday night at the Holiday Inn Express. Haley Anderson tells police that she and Banks got into an argument when she wanted to leave the bar and return to their hotel room. Banks pushed her to the ground outside the bar, and she busted her lip when she fell. She stated that when she was pushed outside the bar, she returned to the hotel room, and Chad followed her. Anderson told police, “It got physical.” but wouldn’t go further into detail because she did not want him to get in trouble. Officers observed Anderson’s busted lip as well as blood on the floor and on a towel in the bathroom. Chad was outside hiding behind his black diesel ford truck. when police approached him. During the investigation, Chad was extremely intoxicated, slurring his speech, ad unsteady on his feet. Chad told police that he did not touch Haley and that she tripped over his boot and fell onto the table.

DUI: Michael McDowell crashes into utility pole; tells police another car hit him

When Metro Nashville police responded to a vehicle accident on Woodland St in the early hours of Saturday morning, 42-year-old Michael McDowell explained that a car pulled out in front of him, causing him to crash and his airbags to deploy. He says the car then fled the scene. Officers quickly noticed a debris field from his wrecked vehicle going back to a utility pole that had been crashed into. It was determined he hit the pole, and no other vehicle was involved. He admitted to drinking prior to driving and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He refused a breathalyzer and was taken into custody.