Wesley Worthington jailed after boosting a $20 shirt from Dillard’s at Rivergate Mall

27-year-old Wesley Worthington was jailed on June 5th after shoplifting from Dillard’s at Rivergate Mall. Police spoke with loss prevention officers who said they saw Worthington take a yellow t-shirt into the bathroom and left without the t-shirt in hand. Worthington was stopped by the loss prevention officers and caught with a yellow Costa T-shirt concealed in his pants. The cost of the T-shirt was $20. He was taken into custody for the misdemeanor offense due to an outstanding warrant from Bedford County.

Demarcion Lyles charged after pistol-whipping the mother of his children unconscious

21-year-old Demarcion Lyles was booked this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with pistol-whipping the mother of his children until she was unconscious. Police responded to Vanderbilt Hospital to speak with Alisha Thompon, who said on March 6th, while at her sister’s house, Lyles hit her head in the head with a black pistol so hard she lost consciousness and fell to the floor. She said there was no provocation for the attack. During the fall, she injured her left wrist and hand.

During the investigation, Thompson was initially short with police and wasn’t willing to divulge information, but on March 22nd, she reached out to officers wanting to press charges on Lyles. Thompson told police the exact location of the incident and that she remembered seeing a camera in the parking lot where they will see her being dragged out of an apartment after the incident and placed into a vehicle. Police watched the surveillance footage and observed Lyles pull up in a black sedan and the victim being drug from the apartment.

Allen Blake Phillips refuses to pay for services on his Sea-Doo; jailed on outstanding warrant

37-year-old Allen Phillips took his Sea-Doo to America’s Motor Sports in August 2022 and signed a release to have it diagnosed and serviced. He was called and notified of the repairs, and later that day came into the dealership with a visible gun tucked into his waistband and told an employee “I told them I wasn’t paying them… and I fucking meant it! He then took his Sea-Doo and left the dealership without paying his $497.84 bill for services rendered on the Sea-Doo. A warrant was issued for his arrest for theft of services, and he was booked on that warrant this week.

Beatrice Heger squats and poops in the middle of Nashville Dollar General store

Police say 57-year-old Beatrice Heger was at the Dollar General on E. Thompson Lane on June 6 when she defecated on the floor in the middle of the store. She then went to exit the store and, once at the door, pulled down her pants, bent over, and spread her cheeks to expose herself once again to everyone in the store. She was gone from the store when police arrived but was located the following day in the parking lot yelling at police. Officers demanded she stops and told her she was under arrest. Heger fled from police on foot, running across Murfreesboro Pike. Once she crossed the intersection, officers lost track of her, and she fled. Later that day, officers located Heger and took her into custody, but not before she punched a citizen in the face in a nearby parking lot.

Jeremy Mansfield charged with strangling his 9-year-old daughter

40-year-old Jeremy Mansfield was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with the aggravated assault and strangulation of his 9-year-old daughter in January. The warrant alleges that during his custodial weekend of January 20, Mansfield got on top of his daughter and strangled her until she almost passed out. At the time of the incident, officers documented visible bruising on her next that was consistent with the assault, which was also overheard by the victim’s older sister.

Tanner Bingham charged with DUI after revving engine near CMA Fest downtown

23-year-old Tanner Bingham was revving his engine on Broadway in downtown Nashville in a way meant to disturb other citizens and was observed by officers working security for CMA Fest. He seemed to be attempting to engage the nearby crowd with his antics and was in violation of the Metro noise ordinance. As officers engaged with Bingham, he disclosed he did not have a driver’s license, which was suspended. He also reeked of alcohol and was visibly intoxicated. He blew a 0.104% BAC on a breathalyzer and was transported to booking.

Grant Obersteadt charged with DUI after crash on Hillsboro Pike

43-year-old Grant Thomas Obersteadt rear-ended another vehicle on Hillsboro Pike early Wednesday morning while driving his Toyota Tacoma just a short distance from his home and ran off the roadway. Police spoke with Obersteadt and report the smell of alcohol coming from his breath, along with slurred speech and being lethargic. He denied drinking and stated he had only taken his prescribed Vyvanse one hour before driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.