DUI: Robert Kilbane drives into tree at White Castle on Broadway

28-year-old Robert Kilbane fell asleep and drove his white Chevy Silverado onto a curb at the White Castle on Broadway in downtown Nashville and into a tree just after 5 a.m. Thursday. It took multiple attempts for first responders to awaken Kilbane, but he eventually exited the vehicle while unsteady on his feet and reeking of alcohol. Kilbane told officers he had “a couple of beers” with friends earlier in the night. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody, charged with DUI.

Titans’ running back Hassan Haskins & girlfriend jailed after domestic violence exchange

Tennessee Titans’ running back Hassan Haskins was jailed Thursday after reportedly strangling girlfriend Makiah Green when she ‘liked’ another man’s Instagram Photo. In a subsequent argument over their breakup, Haskins reportedly kicked through a door in their home and cocked a handgun, and stated, “I hope you would,” as she threatened to slash his tires after ripping a $5,000 chain from his neck. She was also jailed during a second argument over their breakup.

Mackensie Brown escapes custody at Nashville Jail after returning from court

22-year-old DCSO inmate Mackensie Brown slipped her handcuffs after returning from court on June 23 to the CDF on the Sheriff’s Southeast Campus. As she was standing outside the transportation vehicle, she ran away from the transport officers and up a hill toward the maintenance sheds, causing a large number of officers to follow in pursuit. She was taken back into custody and did not make it out of the campus perimeter according to the department. She now faces a felony escape charge with a new additional $50,000 bond and multiple internal violations.

Cherre Tubville charged with theft of shoes and jacket from Walmart

33-year-old Cherre Tubville was booked this week on a citation after shoplifting from Walmart on Dickerson Pike on January 30th, 2023. The loss prevention officers told police that Tubville walked in, picked out shoes and a jacket, and walked out of the store with them on her body without paying. The items were valued at $29.96. She was issued a citation at the time and never appeared to be booked.

Cara Duke jailed after grabbing her girlfriend by her ankles during argument

37-year-old Cara Duke was jailed on June 27th after assaulting her girlfriend. Police responded to Selena Drive and spoke with Krystian Cross, who said an argument escalated because her girlfriend was drunk, so she walked to another room in the apartment to get some space. Duke pushed open the door to confront her, and Cross threatened to call the police. Duke then grabbed her girlfriend by the ankles and pulled her towards her. When she stopped, Cross got up and called 911.

Andrew Boone deemed too drunk for Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville

30-year-old Andrew Boone was jailed on June 27th after refusing to leave Kid Rock’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. When police arrived, Boone was already detained in handcuffs by security. Security told police that Boone had been escorted out of the bar and returned several times despite being told not to come back. Boone spoke fast and wasn’t making much sense as he told police that he drank at least two beers. Police could smell alcohol coming from his body, saw his eyes were red and watery, and determined him a danger to himself.

Jacob Conway squares up to Nashville cop & drunkenly asks “are you ready to go?”

23-year-old Jacob Conway refused to leave Honky Tonk Central late Wednesday night after an altercation inside the bar. Security staff told Conway and a person he was with to leave the venue multiple times before Metro Nashville Police became involved. Officers noted Conway was visibly intoxicated, and as he approached Officer Daughtry, he asked, “Are you ready to go?” and assumed a fighting stance while cursing at the officer. Conway was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Sean Skoglund bounced from Honky Tonk Central during #NHLDraft drinking

37-year-old Sean Skoglund was asked to leave Honky Tonk Central in downtown Nashville after being disorderly late Wednesday night. He became upset and pushed a security staff member, James Pearce, as he was being escorted out of the venue. Metro Nashville Police responded to the door and took Skoglund into custody for the assault.

Tourist Evan Dole charged with DUI and drug possession charges after driving erratically in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Evan Dole faces DUI and drug-related charges after driving erratically near 6th & Broadway in downtown Nashville. Police were called after Dole drove through barricades, narrowly missing a pedestrian just before 10 a.m. Monday. He was sitting on the curb by his vehicle when officers made contact with Dole; he had red, watery eyes and unnatural speech patterns. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and consented to a blood test. An inventory search of the vehicle found 10.3 grams of marijuana bud inside a black ‘Good Day Farm’ bag and 1.5 oz inside liquid marijuana cartridges.

Jamie Taylor to police: “I whopped the living shit outta him,” describing father of unborn child

24-year-old Jamie Taylor was in an argument with the father of her unborn child, Mahdi Aldarrja, late Sunday night when she grabbed him by the hair and dragged him through his home while punching him, according to a roommate witness. The argument was about her pregnancy, and she had reportedly been drinking all day and we highly intoxicated. Officers observed a large clump of hair that she had pulled from his head. She told police she “whipped the shit outta him!” but claimed it was all in self-defense. She was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.