18-year-old Joshua Leach jailed during pursuit over possible kidnapping

18-year-old Joshua Leach was jailed on February 28th when police were dispatched for a female who had been abducted by two males in a silver Nissan. The complainant followed the vehicle throughout Nashville. Police intercepted the car and attempted a traffic stop, but it refused to pull over. The police deployed spikes at the intersection of Clarksville Pike and Ed Temple Boulevard. The vehicle was then abandoned, and after a brief foot pursuit, officers apprehended Mr. Leach, who was carrying a loaded handgun. The officers later discovered that the vehicle they were chasing had been reported stolen. Mr. Leach admitted to owning the firearm and being inside the stolen car. Leach also had an outstanding probation warrant. Leach was taken into custody on February 28th for unauthorized use of a vehicle, evading arrest, and weapon possession.

Elmer Oporta-Gonzalez assaults his little brother for arguing with mother

24-year-old Elmer Oporta-Gonzalez was jailed on February 27th for assaulting his little brother. Officers were dispatched to McClellan Avenue for a juvenile with a knife. When officers arrived, they spoke with a victim who advised that an argument started in his room between him and his mom. While they were arguing, his older brother, Elmer, came into his room, grabbed him by the neck, and started to strike him in the leg. While being assaulted, the victim saw a knife and grabbed it. He stated that he had no intentions of using the knife and that when he picked up the knife, Elmer ran out of the room. The victim didn’t follow Elmer but instead stayed in his room. Officers observed multiple scratch marks on the victim’s neck.

Elmer advised that he heard his little brother arguing with his mother while in another room. So, he went into his brother’s room and tried to subdue him by grabbing his arms. However, being subdued only upset his brother more, prompting him to grab a knife. Officers noted that Elmer later changed his story and admitted to throwing himself at his little brother. When officers asked the mother what happened, she said she didn’t know because she didn’t see the altercation between her sons. Due to the observed injuries and the initial statements, Elmer was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Geri Wray threatens to kill boyfriend with hammer, tells him “I’m going to kill you and slurp your blood!”

41-year-old Geri Wray was jailed on February 27th after threatening to kill her boyfriend at their home on McPherson Drive. Bryan Lee Brinkley told officers that he and Geri lived together but stayed in separate rooms. According to Brinkley, Geri came into his room with a hammer in her hand and struck his door. She then held the hammer in her hand and told him, “I have been wanting to kill you for the last three days,” “I’m going to kill you and slurp your blood,” “I’m going to get guys to fuck you up and kill you.” Brinkley then fled the house and called police. When Brinkley returned to the house, Geri returned with a hammer and busted all the windows out of his vehicle. Officers observed broken windows, dents, and mirrors damaged on the car and questioned Geri. Geri told officers that Brinkley came back home and was taunting him, so she used a baseball bat to destroy his vehicles.

18-year-old “Coochie Kicker” David Ridley jailed after assault

18-year-old David Ezekiel Ridley had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Kaliya Vaughn, at their Burning Tree Drive apartment in the early hours of November 28th, 2023. Vaughn alerted the authorities, advising them that they argued about him smoking a cigarette inside their unit. Vaughn said that Ridley kicked her in the “Coochie” after she asked him to smoke outside, and then he scratched the back of her neck before biting her cheek. Vaughn stated that Ridley broke her belongings while throwing things around the apartment. A warrant was issued for his arrest for domestic assault.

Then, on February 26th, detectives located and followed a stolen, dark-colored Honda Civic behind Green Street, which was a dead end. Four young black males dressed in dark clothing exited the Civic and began to flee on foot, disregarding the officers announcing themselves. Several suspects, including Ridley, were seen running behind Pecker’s Bar and Grill on Hermitage Avenue. Then, officers found Ridley trying to conceal himself in the brush and detained him. Under Miranda, Ridley admitted to occupying the front seat of the stolen Civic. Officers were then notified about Ridley having an outstanding warrant from Davidson County as they identified the other involved occupants, two of them being juveniles. Ridley was taken into custody for domestic assault, evading arrest, the unauthorized use of a vehicle, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor on February 27th.

18-year-old Dorian Preston jailed after stealing Honda Civic, fleeing police

18-year-old Dorian Preston was taken into custody for theft of property, evading arrest, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and vehicle theft on February 27th. On February 26th, detectives located and followed a stolen, dark-colored Honda Civic behind Green Street, which was a dead end. Then, four young black males dressed in dark clothing exited the Civic and began to flee on foot, disregarding the officers announcing themselves. Preston was seen exiting the driver’s seat, wearing a red hoodie he removed while fleeing. Officers caught him with the help of Metro Aviation and discovered two of the involved individuals were juveniles. Dorian Preston was taken into custody on February 27th for vehicle theft, theft of property, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and evading arrest.

Dessirie Jones chokes husband during argument over infidelity

49-year-old Dessirie Jones was involved in a domestic dispute with her husband, Alhassan Musah, at the Beechwood Terrace Apartments on February 26th. Jones got into an altercation with Musah after an argument over infidelity in their marriage. Jones got on top of Musah while he was lying in the bed and started choking him. Dessirie Jones was taken into custody and charged with aggravated domestic assault.

Xavier Andrews threatens to beat up roommate during argument

25-year-old Xavier Andrews was booked on February 25th for assaulting his female roommate at Ponder Place. Tonja Bass told police that Andrews threatened to beat her up. A witness who was on the scene during the incident corroborated her statements. Tonja wished to prosecute and would swear out a warrant to that effect. Due to both the victim’s and witness statements, officers took Andrews into custody for domestic assault due to the likelihood the offense would continue.

Elic Page assaults ex-boyfriend, prevents him from leaving apartment during argument

30-year-old Elic Page was jailed on March 3rd for assaulting his ex-boyfriend during an argument on Shurgard Way. Nathaniel Browning stated that he was trying to remove his property from Elic’s apartment when Elic put his hands on him and wouldn’t let him leave. Nathaniel explained that he was moving out of the apartment because he and Elic broke up. Nathaniel stated that Elic forced him onto the bed. When Nathaniel tried to leave the apartment, Elic blocked the door with his body, preventing Nathaniel from leaving. Officers reviewed video footage revealing Nathaniel telling Elic he just wanted to get his things and leave. Then, the footage showed Elic forcing Nathaniel back and slamming the front door shut.

According to Elic, he only made physical contact with Nathaniel when he tried to hug him. A witness corroborated Nathaniel’s story by stating that Elic grabbed him several times and even pinned him against the wall. The witness had multiple videos on her phone confirming Nathaniel’s story. Nathaniel later changed his story and stated that Elic never threatened or assaulted him. Elic was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Florida Tourist Juan Munoz assaults woman at Whiskey Row during argument

21-year-old Juan Camilo Munoz had an altercation with Valentina Montoya at Whiskey Row on Broadway in the early hours of March 3rd. Officers observed Whiskey Row security arguing with Munoz when they arrived. Officers then intervened because the argument became physical. Security spoke with officers, advising them they had witnessed Munoz shove Montoya to the ground. Montoya told detectives that she had slapped Munoz after they argued and that she did not want to press charges. Munoz was visibly intoxicated and aggressive in front of Whiskey Row, so officers deemed him a danger to himself and others. Munoz was taken into custody for public intoxication and domestic assault.

Michigan Tourist Marissa Louk interferes with officers arresting her boyfriend on Broadway

24-year-old Marissa Katelyn Louk physically interfered with officers while they were placing her boyfriend in custody outside of Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk on Broadway early March 3rd. Officers repeatedly warned her not to interfere, but she ignored them. Then, when Louk attempted to intervene again, officers detained her. Officers noticed she had numerous indicators of intoxication and placed her into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.