Syerea Elam booked after driving without wearing her seatbelt

40-year-old Syerea Elam was booked this week on a citation issued by a THP Trooper in February for not wearing a seatbelt in her Honda CR-V.

Kaleb Tanner jailed after traffic stop yields 42 grams of marijuana

19-year-old Kaleb Tanner was jailed on March 21st after police found a felony amount of marijuana in a stolen Jeep Compass that he was driving down Gallatin Pike with a suspended license. The tags belonged to a tan 1996 Toyota Corolla. Tanner was the only one in the vehicle and immediately told officers there was marijuana inside. Officers could smell the marijuana and conducted a search locating a baggie of marijuana under the seat and two baggies in the center console totaling 42.65 grams of marijuana.

DUI: Janett Walkoff Crawford blows 0.228% BAC after crash

36-year-old Janett Walkoff Crawford was jailed on March 21st after crashing into private property on Shihmen Drive. When officers arrived on the scene, Janett declined medical attention. Police asked her what caused the wreck, and she said that she just took a wide turn and wasn’t sure what else had happened. Janett was swaying back and forth while standing, and police could smell alcohol coming from her breath. She consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. She agreed to the breathalyzer, and it read .228% BAC — nearly three times the legal limit.

Devin James: You can’t keep a rental car forever

26-year-old Devin James was jailed on March 20th for carelessly driving a stolen vehicle. Officers conducted a traffic stop at the Intersection of Harding Place and Linbar Drive. When police ran the license plate, it showed the car was listed as stolen. James explained that he had rented the vehicle at the airport and hadn’t been able to return it despite several phone calls from the rental company asking for the vehicle back, so they had reported it stolen. The estimated value of the vehicle is $24,000. James was taken into custody and transported to booking.

DUI: Christian Dineen had 1.5 beers, CBD, & Delta 8 prior to crashing into two cars

28-year-old Christian Dineen was jailed on March 20th after passing out behind the wheel and causing an accident on Harding Place. The drivers of the other vehicles he crashed into told police that Dineen looked like he was passed out, which caused the crashes. First responders knocked on his window to wake him. When asked what happened, he said he was not in an accident and was okay. His eyes were watery, and he had pinpoint pupils. He had his 4-year-old nephew in the car with him. The other drivers were injured and transported to the hospital. After running his name, it was discovered that Dineen didn’t even have a valid driver’s license or car insurance. He refused to do a sobriety test because he said he “knows alcohol takes longer to get out of your system” he told police he drank a beer and a half around 3 am and had CBD and Delta 8 prior to driving.

Ebony Harrison punches her father twenty times during rampage

18-year-old Ebony Harrison was jailed on March 20th after attacking her father and threatening to kill him at their home on Tanglewood court the week prior. Johnny Harrison told police that his daughter came home in a hurry and ran through the house knocking over a dog crate. When he asked her why she was in a hurry, she went over to him and started punching him in the face several times. Johnny said she punched him close to 20 times. Police observed a cut on the side of his head and dried blood on his arm and the floor. Johhny told police that Ebony said, “I’ll do you today,” and then stated 5 or 6 times that she was going to “kill him.” Johnny was able to shove her off. There is a history of domestic violence involving Ebony as the aggressor and her father as the victim.

Elocin Nuleaf says DCS can have her son if he doesn’t want to walk with her on the interstate

35-year-old Elocin Nuleaf was jailed on March 19th after police saw her walking on the interstate with her young children and advised her that it was illegal. It was below freezing, so police transported Nuleaf and her children to a Mcdonald’s, where they waited with her while she waited on a friend to pick them up. When her ride arrived, officers waited for the car to pull off due to Nuleaf being uncooperative during the incident on the interstate. Nuleaf gets out of the car with her children and starts yelling at her friend, saying she doesn’t want a ride anymore. Her 8-year-old son started crying because he didn’t want to walk anymore.

Nuleaf is holding her one-month-old baby in the middle of the parking lot, obstructing traffic and yelling at officers. Nuleaf starts walking towards the road, leaving her 8-year-old in the parking lot crying. She told the officers that if her son didn’t want to come, she wouldn’t make him, and DCS could have him. Officers told Nuleaf that she was not free to leave and that she needed to hand over her one-month-old because she was going to jail. After passing off the child, she resisted arrest, and there was a brief struggle to get her into the cuffs. Officers stayed on the scene until DCS arrived.

Erik Valdez-Martinez: Mini Draco, marijuana, & THC cartridges, Oh My!

19-year-old Erik Valdez-Martinez was jailed on March 23rd after fleeing from the police. Detectives conducted surveillance on Elm Pike and observed a black Mercedes Sedan with temp tags that didn’t match the vehicle. Valdez had left a home on Elm Hill Pike with a rifle tucked under his jacket, as well as a bag slung over his shoulder. He got into the back seat of the Mercedes, and they left the location. Detectives and an aviation unit followed the car. The vehicle eventually ended up at Vultee Boulevard, where detectives attempted to initiate a traffic stop.

The vehicle fled from the traffic stop, and spike strips were deployed. As the vehicle continued to flee, aviation updated the vehicle’s location so detectives could follow its path. Valdez fled the vehicle with a black backpack near Kirby Avenue towards Briley Parkway. Detectives chased him on foot, yelling for him to stop. After the foot chase, a search of the backpack yielded three bags of marijuana totaling 87 grams. A box of plastic baggies, six boxes of THC cartridges, and a mini-Draco. He also admitted the 20-round magazine was his for the Draco. Three juveniles were also in the vehicle.

Avery Matthews charged with DUI in Airport Center Drive parking lot

39-year-old Avery Matthews was charged with DUI late Thursday night after parking his white Kia Sedan into a no-trespass zone at Airpark Center Dr. – where officers were patrolling for street racers. Officers saw the car parked with exhaust coming from the back and later confirmed keys were still in the ignition. When officers approached Matthews, he had extremely slurred speech and bloodshot watery eyes. Officers could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from him. Matthews told police he was in the parking lot to drop off a female partner before going home. He denied drinking any alcohol, although there was a half-empty bottle of Vodka on the passenger floorboard. Matthews refused sobriety tests and the blood sample. During the vehicle search, police discovered a half-empty bottle of Vodka, a completely empty bottle of Vodka, and a Corona bottle. After running Matthews’s name, it was discovered that he was arrested twice before for DUI in Illinois.

Jane Edwards assaults her boyfriend after finding him on a gay dating app

50-year-old Jane Edwards was jailed on Wednesday night after hitting her boyfriend because she found him on a male dating website. William Ralph showed the police video footage of Jane slamming the door on him, hitting him, and throwing several items at him. The video shows Ralph yelling, “you’re hurting me!” Jane denied any physical altercation. She says they only argued because she caught him on a male dating site.