Musician Justin Bouldin shoves girlfriend into car during argument

25-year-old Musician Justin Wayne Bouldin had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Paige Theede, near The Miller Harris Building on 16th Avenue South in the early hours of April 13th. When officers arrived, they located Bouldin and Theede before speaking with witnesses, who stated that they observed them arguing. Officers investigated and discovered there was not any element of assault, so they left the scene. Then, officers received a second call regarding a fight between the couple after their departure. When they returned, witnesses told them they saw Bouldin slap Theede’s phone out of her hand. Witnesses stated when she tried to pick the phone up, he wrapped his arms around her, hindering her movements. During this, They stated that Theede struck Bouldin to get away. Bouldin then utilized his body weight to push Theede against the side of her car and shoved her into the driver’s seat. Bouldin held her there for an extended amount of time. One of the witnesses recorded the incident and showed it to officers, corroborating their statements. Then, officers spoke with Theede, who admitted that Bouldin forcefully grabbed her to prevent her from leaving, adding that she was scared when it happened. Bouldin was then placed into custody for domestic assault.

Jana Hume steals $394 worth of copper fittings from Lowe’s despite being banned

34-year-old Jana Hume was booked and charged with burglary on April 16th, 2024. On February 1st, 2023, Asset Protection employees observed Jana Hume enter the Lowe’s on Nolensville Pike and noticed her from prior shoplifting incidents. She grabbed a plastic bucket and put twelve bags of copper fittings into her purse and jacket. Asset Protection followed Hume as she exited the store without paying for the merchandise and stopped her in the parking lot before escorting her into the AP office. They confirmed Hume’s identity and recovered the stolen items, totaling $394.05. When officers arrived, Asset Protection provided them with a trespass waiver that Hume signed on March 4th, 2021, prohibiting her from entering the premises of any Lowe’s location. Hume was detained for the incident.

DUI: Braenee Redden-Lee caught with marijuana, mushrooms and a fully loaded handgun

25-year-old Braenee Redden-Lee swerved over the center median on I-24 late April 13th. Then, she drifted, trying to return to her travel lane, but drove in both lanes. Officers observed this and initiated a traffic stop, where she was slow to respond and continued driving, disregarding their emergency equipment. Officers shined their spotlight at the driver’s side mirror to get her to pull over to the right shoulder, which she did after approximately 1.5 miles. They approached the passenger side and observed the driver, Redden-Lee, and passenger, Brea Williams, with an unidentified female in the car, reeking of alcohol.

When officers advised Redden-Lee why they stopped her and requested her driver’s credentials, she had a bracelet on her wrist like ones used at nightclubs to purchase alcoholic beverages. They discovered she had a suspended license and had her exit the vehicle for questioning.  When officers asked if she would take sobriety tests, she said, “No.”

During a search, officers located a black handgun with a loaded magazine. Redden-Lee was detained and placed in the rear of the patrol vehicle. The officers then asked Williams to exit the car, where she provided them with her identification and told them the vehicle was hers, stating, “Yes, I just bought it, and I am making $1000 payments a month.”  She was also detained and placed in the patrol car.

Officers searched the vehicle and found marijuana and mushrooms in a brown purse, which Redden-Lee claimed. Additionally, they found another package of marijuana in the center console, which Williams admitted was hers. Redden-Lee refused to provide a chemical sample after being informed of implied consent and was taken into custody for driving under the influence, two counts of simple possession, driving with a suspended license, implied consent violation, and possession of a weapon while under the influence.

DUI: Laura Nieves swerves out of lane after drinking bottle of Corona

35-year-old Laura Nieves swerved left, out of her travel lane, and nearly collided with another vehicle on Bell Road in the early hours of April 12th. Officers were patrolling the area near Couchville Pike when they observed this, so they initiated a traffic stop and noticed she showed signs of impairment. Additionally, officers saw a case of Corona on the passenger seat, an empty Corona bottle on the floor with liquid spilled around it, and another opened, half-full Corona behind the passenger seat. Nieves told officers she was coming from JB’s Pour House, where she went after leaving work. She reeked of alcohol as she consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. After officers read implied consent to Nieves, she refused to provide a chemical sample. Nieves was taken into custody for an implied consent violation, an open container violation, and driving under the influence.

Antonio Mitchell punches girlfriend in face during argument

34-year-old Antonio Mitchell Sr. had a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend, Kelley Shannon, at her Apache Trail apartment on March 14th. When the police arrived, they spoke with Kelley, who stated she and Mitchell argued, and she told him to leave the apartment. While he was packing his things, he cursed her out when she tried to help him gather his belongings. Kelley advised that Mitchell told her not to touch his stuff before punching her and spitting on her face. Mitchell grabbed Kelley’s hair, pulling her back into the apartment to fight, but she pushed him away. She advised that she wished to prosecute for the incident but Mitchell fled the scene before officers were dispatched there. Mitchell was caught and taken into custody for domestic assault on April 15th.

Erina Clark kicks roommate with steel-toe boots during argument over alcohol

31-year-old Erina Lyn Clark had an incident with her roommate, Dana Robert Genest, at their Village Hills apartment on April 7th. On April 10th, Genest called the police. When they arrived, he told them that he and Clark argued over him not wanting to buy her alcohol. During their argument, Clark became aggressive, hitting and kicking Genest while wearing steel-toe boots. This left significant bruising and discoloration on his arm. Genest stated he waited a few days to notify the police because he did not want her to get in trouble. Genest added that his injuries became more severe after waiting due to swelling. Officers previously responded to the same incident but on Clark’s behalf. Officers could not make contact with Genest at the time, so they based their probable cause on Clark’s injuries. Due to Genest’s more severe injuries, officers attempted to prosecute on his behalf. Clark was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 15th.

Jasmine Caruthers sprays mace inside home with two babies present

22-year-old Jasmine Caruthers was taken into custody on April 14th when officers were dispatched to a Walsh Street residence, where they observed three broken windows with mace sprayed inside two of them. After they knocked on the door to announce their presence, Donte Wilson, Cierra Wood, and two infants less than a year old came outside with shirts covering their faces. Officers noticed the children had extremely runny noses and red faces. Wilson stated that Caruthers had thrown rocks at the windows and sprayed mace inside their home. He added that he and Wood grabbed the kids and hid in a room away from the broken windows until Caruthers left. Officers were advised that Wilson and Caruthers share a child, who was inside the residence during the incident.

Terrinesha Kimbrough steals $513 in merchandise from multiple stores with juveniles at Opry Mills Mall

18-year-old Terrinesha Chrishay Kimbrough and four juvenile females stole merchandise from Spencer’s and Five Below at Opry Mills Mall on April 14th. When Kimbrough and the four others entered Spencer’s, they were captured on camera concealing t-shirts and hoodies in a bag. A store employee, Rachel Kuhn, observed this and approached them, asking for the items back. Kuhn reached for a bag she believed contained stolen merchandise. Kimbrough then kicked her in the back before running away from the mall. Kimbrough was promptly detained for shoplifting, where officers recovered 20+ items from Five Below, totaling $192.24. Additionally, they located ten items from Spencer’s, totaling $320.90. Kimbrough was taken into custody for two counts of theft, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and assault.

Elizabeth Bowers booked after driving with cell phone in her hand

21-year-old Elizabeth Noel Bowers was driving with her cellphone in her left hand while looking at her GPS near Wedgewood Avenue in the spring of 2023. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and cited her for the incident. Bowers was booked on the citation for driving with a cell device on April 14th, 2024.

Edwin Nolasco chokes wife, beats her with phone during altercation

34-year-old Edwin Nolasco had a domestic altercation with his wife, Karla Odesa Cruz-Santos, on April 14th. Cruz-Santos called 911, advising them that Nolasco had been drinking and that she wanted him to leave. She stated that she threw a couple of shampoo bottles at him that hit him in the head. This was when Nolasco grabbed her by the throat and started choking her. Cruz-Santos said that she began to feel dizzy and nearly passed out. She added that while he was strangling her, he hit her multiple times in the head with her cellphone, causing it to bend and shatter. Nolasco was taken into custody for aggravated assault.