Richard Deeb to TSA: “bend over and cough!”

41-year-old Richard Deeb was at the TSA Security Checkpoint at the Nashville International Airport late Sunday afternoon when he was denied boarding by American Airlines due to his level of intoxication. At the checkpoint, he was screaming, “bend over and cough!” and creating a disturbance for other passengers. He was offered the opportunity to rebook his flight for the next day but refused. He also refused any arranged rides to a hotel but stated he wasn’t leaving the airport. Leave, he did, in handcuffs, charged with public intoxication.

DUIL: Cielo Sweatt tosses beer cans out of car after crash

Police say 22-year-old Cielo Sweatt crashed her blue Chrysler 300 on Harding Place Sunday evening. Officers were told she might be trying to flee the scene and had pulled into the gas station nearby, where she was located. Store employees told police she had pulled up and tossed beer cans out of her car, which was captured on video. She told officers she had not consumed any alcohol, despite reeking of it. She was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

Grant Arnold jailed after fight at Tin Roof Nashville

27-year-old Grant Arnold was fighting with another person at Tin Roof Demonbruen in the early hours of Sunday morning. When police arrived, he was outside of the bar and continuing to engage and attempt to fight. Officers say he was heavily intoxicated and took him into custody.

Louie Tumminia jailed after drunkenly pulling on door handles of cop cars in downtown Nashville

25-year-old Louis Tumminia was pulling on the door handles of parked patrol cars belonging to Metro Nashville Police late Saturday night in front of Ole Red in downtown Nashville. Officers observed his behavior and noted he appeared to be extremely intoxicated. Attempts to locate his friends or a safe ride home were unsuccessful, and Tumminia was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Jack Spence charged with daytime DUI after Saturday crash on interstate

27-year-old Jack Spence was driving on I-65 N just before 5 p.m. Saturday when police say he crashed into a guardrail on the right side of the roadway. During their interaction, Spence reportedly reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. The passenger in his vehicle sustained injuries, so a warrant was granted for Spence’s blood, which was drawn at Metro General. Spence was charged with the daytime DUI.

Nelson Pence: High in East Nashville

28-year-old Nelson Pence was found walking in the middle of the intersection at Gallatin Ave & Strafford Ave in East Nashville late Saturday afternoon. As officers approached to check on his welfare, he was unable to tell them who he was, where he was, or where he was going. Officers say he appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. He continued to attempt to walk into oncoming traffic and was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Lendria Rouse charged with stealing packages from Madison Towers neighbor

33-year-old Lendria Rouse was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging her with stealing a package from a front door on February 7 at Madison Towers. A package was delivered to the residence of David Malone by UPS at 2:08 p.m. and moments later, Rouse is visible on a security video exiting an elevator and stopping to pick up the package as she walks by. She then enters a stairwell with the package. Management told police they had multiple issues with her stealing packages in the building. The value of this package was $190.

DUI: Sierra Day drove drunk at night in Belle Meade

26-year-old Sierra Day says she had “several glasses of wine” before driving in the early hours of Saturday morning. Belle Meade Police were blocking an intersection at Harding Pike and Lynnwood Blvd due to a fallen tree, causing the intersection to have no traffic lights. Day reportedly drove through the intersection at full speed, despite police cars with lights activated, and nearly struck one of the cruisers. A traffic stop was conducted, during which she reportedly reeked of alcohol and later performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Tourist Aaron Walker charged with punching his wife during assault at DoubleTree Hotel downtown

An employee at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Nashville heard the yelling and screaming of obscenities and insults coming from a room as he exited an elevator in the early hours of Saturday morning. The employee knocked on the door, and 43-year-old Aaron Walker opened the door, and behind him was Walker’s wife, Caroline, lying on the floor crying. Police were notified about the incident and found Caroline sitting outside the room when they arrived. She says the couple was arguing about financial issues when Aaron punched her with a closed fist. She says she threw a cell phone at him in response. Aaron’s story changed several times during questioning, and he was determined to be the primary aggressor and charged with domestic assault.

Ryan Price jailed after becoming drunk and disorderly and Play Dance Bar in Nashville

23-year-old Ryan Price was handcuffed by security at Play Dance Bar on Church Street in Nashville after he jumped over a brick wall outside the venue and became aggressive toward them. He had just been removed from the bar due to his level of intoxication and behavior. Metro Nashville Police arrived and offered him an ambulance, which he refused. He stated he would just walk home, which officers wouldn’t allow. His uncle attempted to assist him with a ride home, but he became even more belligerent. Price was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.