Woman breaks into ex-boyfriend’s home, steals new girlfriend’s purse, money, & keys — Jada Wensil

Metro Police say 20-year-old Jada Wensil convinced a maintenance man to let her into the apartment of her ex-boyfriend from six months prior, at which point she took his new girlfriend’s car keys, purse, and $500 in cash. A witness/neighbor noticed she was there, but didn’t live there anymore, and attempted to block her in with his vehicle, but she was able to flee the scene. She is charged with aggravated burglary, and theft, and is free on a $3,500 bond.

59-year-old Anthony Joyner charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend: She’s just not that into you

57-year-old Anthony Joyner was booked into jail this week on an outstanding warrant, charging him with stalking. Court records allege that despite being broken up, he continues to come through his ex-girlfriend’s line at her place of employment, drives by her house to see if she’s home, and knocks on her door. Joyner is charged with stalking and is free on a $1,000 bond.

Woman booked on 3-year-old warrant for throwing pink lawn chair at mother’s Malibu— Brianna David

22-year-old Brianna David was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday on a warrant signed in May of 2018, charging her with vandalism. Court records allege she threw a pink lawn chair at her mother’s Chevy Malibu during an argument over a cracked phone screen. She was jailed for over 24 hours before eventually posting a $1,000 bond.

Teen charged in brutal attack of girlfriend when told relationship was over — Kanetray Westbrook #NotToday

19-year-old Kanetray Westbrook is charged with the domestic assault with bodily injury of her girlfriend, Mircale Williams, and was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday. From her hospital bed, Williams disclosed to police that she was breaking up with Kanetray when Kanetray pulled her from the passenger seat of her car and began punching her in the face repeatedly before pulling her onto the sidewalk where she smashed her head onto the pavement. Realizing how badly injured the victim was, she called the victim’s mother, telling her to call 911 because the victim was “fading in and out” and drove her to that location. Westbrook is free on a $2,500 bond.

Be gone before I’m home from work: She left & took his TVs — Latasha Black arrested

Eric Savely says he let 32-year-old Latasha Black stay with him for a few days on a temporary basis, and on the last day he requested for her to be gone before he came home from work. She left as he requested, and took both of his televisions with her. Police were able to locate the TVs at a nearby pawn shop, where she used her ID to pawn them for cash. Black is free on pre-trial release.

Burglary: Justin Evans found drinking beers & smoking cigarettes inside Nudie’s Honkytonk after hours

Metro Nashville police say 42-year-old Justin Evans told them he came inside Nudie’s Honkytonk after hours because “the door was open”. He was found drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette, both of which he had taken from behind the bar. He had taken 2 beers and 3 cigarettes by the time police arrived. He is charged with burglary, and free on a pre-trial release.

41-year-old woman charged with stalking new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend — Ebony Foxx arrested

41-year-old Ebony Patrice Foxx was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Thursday, charged with stalking Bianca Marie McClain. Court records allege Foxx followed her to multiple places, including Walmart and Ponobes. One time she asked someone to let her out of the vehicle so she could assault her, and she later appeared at Ponobes Party Bar & Grille after McClain posted on social media that she would be there. Foxx reportedly “popped up” and said “What’s up now!” before security had to escort McClain to her car. The beef reportedly stems from McClain being in a relationship with her ex-lover. She is free on pre-trial release.

Woman accused of assaulting ex-husband’s new lover during “fit of jealous rage” — Erin Bradley

50-year-old Harpeth Montessori teacher Erin Bradley is charged with the assault of the new lover of her ex-husband. An arrest affidavit alleges she ” without provocation from the victim, got out of her car and charged at the victim scratching and bruising victim’s arm. This was done in a fit of jealous rage on the defendant’s part.” She is free on pre-trial release.

Broadway Claims Another: Eric Young found sleeping face-down & intoxicated in front of Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

Officers located a very intoxicated 34-year-old Eric Lee Young face down on the sidewalk, apparently sleeping it off, outside of Kid Rock’s Bar around closing time Friday morning. He had trouble standing on his own and thought he was an entirely different bar. He was charged with public intoxication.

Man tackles woman to the ground, demanding her child get vaccinated — Thomas Conley arrested

21-year-old Thomas Conley is charged with domestic assault after police say he tackled 19-year-old Bree Shaffer to the ground during an argument over her child getting vaccinated. He reportedly stated “If you’re not going to take (the child) to get the vaccine, I’ll do it myself” and picked up the child. Since isn’t the child’s biological father, she told him she would call the police, and which point he reportedly told her she wasn’t going to call anybody, and eventually tossed her phone off a balcony, preventing her from calling 911. He is free on a $3,500 bond.