Super Hair World showdown: husband & wife arrested after brawl with shots fired.

After an argument between two women over how one was caring for her children ended up in a Super Hair World parking lot, a woman was assaulted in her vehicle by a husband & wife team. The wife took the victim’s gun from her, and the husband fired it at the victim.

The Inn at Opryland drug bust: handgun in one pocket, codeine in the other; $25K & a QP of weed on the dresser.

Desmond Jones & Madison Wright arrested after found with 25K in cash, a QP of weed in their hotel room. Wright also had a fresh bottle of codeine in one pocket, and a stolen handgun in the other.

Clerk pulls gun on customers at DB Todd Market – Tadress Ishak Arrested

Tadress N Ishak, a 22 year-old clerk from the DB Todd Market, was arrested on Friday, after he pulled a gun on multiple customers when a refund was requested. According to police reports, and eyewitness accounts, the employee named above was involved in a verbal argument with three customers, which he says was over them requesting a refund.¬†During the argument the defendant pulled out a hand gun and pointed it at the three victims. When asked about the gun, the defendant stated that one of the victims made verbal threats…